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October 2013
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Northcott Global Solutions Expands to Serve the Americas


By Accesswire

Point of Incident Emergency Response When You Need it, Where You Need It 24/7/365

October 8 2013, Calgary, Alberta, Northcott Global Solutions Inc. (NGS), the world’s leading point of incident emergency response company today announces the opening of its office in Calgary Alberta Canada. The Canadian office will serve clients throughout North and South America.

“The world can be a dangerous place,” says Ted Jones, NGS Chief Executive Officer. Governments, businesses, aid agencies and the media regularly send staff to locations with limited communications, infrastructure and medical facilities and where disaster and violence can strike without warning. “Doing whatever it takes to keep employees safe is paramount and that’s why so many organizations look to NGS,” adds Jones.

It could be a drilling engineer working for a Canadian company in Colombia or a doctor doing humanitarian work in central America. It could be a diplomat making contact with a new government or a foreign correspondent covering an armed conflict in South America for Canadian media. When, trouble escalates and lives are in peril, they need immediate help. With on-the-ground contacts in dozens of countries and 7000 local partners around the world, NGS provides 24/7/365 GPRS/GSM/ satellite (General Packet Radio Service/Global System for Mobile Communications) tracking of people, vehicles, vessels and equipment, medical and emergency evacuations, emergency shelters and even hostage negotiations and extraction.

The NGS Operations Centre, located in London England is an international nerve centre with communication links to real time information and services that save lives. The Operations Centre is managed and staffed by former British military officers with decades of experience in crisis response in remote corners of the world.

The Calgary office, which serves the Americas, is led by Derek Lamb, Vice-president, NGS. Derek brings more than two decades of international business experience and crisis management to the position. NGS also has offices in Nairobi Kenya and Shanghai China and will soon be opening offices in Kuwait and Singapore.

NGS has a policy of providing employment opportunities for former military personnel, particularly those that may have been injured in the line of duty and that policy will continue as staffing levels at the Calgary office grow.

“Calgary Canada is an ideal location for our Americas office,” says Jones. “It’s vibrant, dynamic, and entrepreneurial. There is ready air access to any location, modern infrastructure and Calgary has one of the highest educated work forces in the entire world.”

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