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November 2013
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Cal-Bay Continues To Expand Recycling Opportunities For Clean Energy And Power Alternatives


By Triumph IR

Las Vegas, NV-(Accesswire) November 13th 2013 Cal-Bay International, Inc. (Pinksheets: CBYI) Today announced the company plans to continue expanding  the re-cycling of waste materials to clean energy and power resource opportunities with the addition of a subsidiary company for recycling waste liquids for the production of clean energy and power.

Cal-Bay  recently received an opportunity to review a series of patented gasification process systems provided directly by the founder, which allows the transformation of many waste liquids, such as sludge, sewage, manufacturing by products and other chemical based liquid waste,  into a natural gas form and at the same time separating and processing recycled waste water emerging as re-usable “gray” water for industrial and agricultural uses, leaving only a small percentage of solid matter waste material for disposal. The test results provided show almost zero emissions from the gas produced using this system.

In addition to the environmental benefits for Clean Burning zero emissions gas, additional significant benefits emerge for Cities and Municipalities. This technology  has the ability to allow the processing of  raw sewage waste, which in a normal municipal environment would require a costly entire cleansing and sterilizing process which would typically only result in recycled “gray” water.

This patented process would allow the untreated raw sewage material to be fed and processed directly  into the gasification equipment would then which emerge as a natural gas product for immediate use, and simultaneously  the “gray” water by product would available for immediate use.

In the Municipality scenario of raw sewage processing, the natural gas product can be used to fuel City and Public transportation vehicles, creating significant savings for the taxpayer and creating a cleaner reduced emission polluted environment.


Cal-Bay previously announced the company has recently completed a series of studies and completed a comprehensive business plan for the development of a Waste Tire to Fuel facility, for the production of Fuel Oil, Gas and Power produced entirely from the recycling of waste tires. The company today confirmed as a result of several weeks of discussions with a qualified group of Investors the company yesterday received a significant funding proposal in excess of $20,000,000 for the construction of the first of several recycling facilities for the waste tires to fuel and energy facility. The proposal includes an acquisition schedule for the controlling interest in Cal-Bay International, Inc.

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