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December 2013
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NovaBay Pharmaceuticals’ NeutroPhase®: A New Adjunctive Therapy to Manage ‘Flesh-Eating’ Disease



Dr. John Crew, a wound care specialist at
Seton Medical Center, describes first successful procedure that removes toxins
from wounds with less invasive debridement and avoids possible amputation

 – December 9,
2013:  CEONews.Tv, an online news service
that covers the small cap market for investors (, announced
today that its interview with Dr. John Crew has revealed some important medical
news – the first use of
adjunctive NeutroPhase® irrigation therapy in conjunction with
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) to successfully manage the
severely-infected wound in the arm of a patient with life-threatening
‘flesh-eating’ disease.  

The news was described by Dr. John R. Crew,
MD, FACS, vascular surgeon and medical director of the Advanced Wound Care
Center, Seton Medical Center in Daly City, California, in an interview on CEONews.Tv
with Dr. Crew told interviewer
Charles Sample ( 

In the interview, Dr. Crew described how
‘flesh-eating disease’ (also known as necrotizing
fasciitis or toxic inflammatory cellulitis) kills 20% of its victims – even when
they get the standard current treatment. For those who aren’t treated, the mortality
rate climbs to 70%. And even many of those who do survive lose arms or legs. 

Dr. Crew explained that now there is a new
approach. “We are developing a new way to manage the life-threatening wounds
and infections,” he said. The key is infusing the wound with a natural
substance, hypochlorous acid, that the body uses to fight microbial invaders. Dr.
Crew has been working with a California biopharmaceutical company, NovaBay®
Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE MKT: NBY) ( that has created a stable version of
hypochlorous acid called NeutroPhase®. Dr. Crew has been testing
NeutroPhrase as adjunctive therapy to manage  a variety wounds, including those that create flesh-eating

Dr. Crew described how he used NeutroPhase to
treat a patient who recently came into the hospital in toxic shock with
flesh-eating disease ravaging her arm. “We were able to instill in the wound
the product,” he said. The treatment saved the woman’s life – and her arm. But
there was a medical puzzle, Dr. Crew said. By the time he began to treat the
woman, the bacteria that had originally caused the life-threatening infection
had already been killed by antibiotics. While hypochlorous acid also kills
bacteria, the woman’s rapid recovery suggested that the product was doing
something more. 

Dr. Crew said, laboratory work showed that
NeutroPhase not only kills bacteria, it also neutralizes the deadly toxins,
produced by both bacteria and the body’s own immune system, that eat away
tissue. “There are many toxins involved in dissolving cellular tissue that is defective,”
explained Dr. Crew. “This is the normal reaction to rid the body of dying cells.”
The trouble is that, in flesh-eating disease, these toxins get out of control
and chew up healthy tissue as well as dying cells. NeutroPhase neutralizes
those out-of-control toxins, the lab analysis showed. “This was very exciting,”
said Dr. Crew. 

Dr. Crew explained that he is now trying to
get the word out to the medical community “to show we have a new way to treat a
very serious disease” 

He added that the
product is very safe, and could be used to treat all kinds of wounds, not just
those caused by flesh-eating disease. “My personal opinion is that it belongs
in everyone’s medicine cabinet,” he said in the interview. 

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