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February 2014
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New Program to Change the Face of News Publishing


Innovative strategy will directly link businesses and journalists, boosting media revenues and eliminating public relations middlemen.

PHILADELPHIA, PA, February 06, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — is rolling out a groundbreaking new initiative designed to completely revitalize publishing. The company, in conjunction with its online publishing network News Headquarters, is starting a publishing partnership program that will link media contacts and publishers directly with brands.

Publishing has been plagued in recent years by dwindling ad revenues and an oversaturated marketplace. According to a Wall Street Journal article on the decline of traditional advertising, publishers now face significant setbacks when attempting to monetize their publications. Based on a 30% price reduction, “a publisher would need to sell around 40% more of the same type of ads to earn the same money,” the article notes.

News publishers are struggling to keep up with the pace of digital marketing as print deteriorates. The result is a focus on sensationalized or populist stories aimed at attracting the most views. It’s no surprise that many feel the quality of journalism has declined greatly in the Internet age as the news media struggles to survive.

Meanwhile, despite the many new platforms that technology offers, companies are having more difficulty than ever getting their messages out to consumers. The centuries old public relations model of publicity is growing increasingly ineffective, generating inaccurate material or no results at all.

Marketers are now attempting to reach “highly targeted audiences through niche content sites,” the Wall Street Journal article notes, as traditional advertising pricing drops by as much as 70%.

According to Jim VandeHei, president and CEO of Politico and Capital New York, companies attempting to edge their way into the publishing market are blockaded if they lack a clear directive. The solution, in his estimation, is for companies to invest in publishing only if they are truly “passionate about journalism.” is affirming its passion for quality content and reporting by offering a solution: a publishing program that will help publishers and businesses to merge symbiotically.

The mutually beneficial platform will inject some much-needed cash into the coffers of publishers, giving them leeway to produce the high quality content on which they’d like to focus. At the same time, businesses will be teamed with top notch publishers able to create engaging content and distribute it to a large audience.

In the past, it was up to public relations professionals to facilitate this relationship, and associated business and publishers suffered as a result. Now, thanks to a focus on modern technology, is able to link the two. Publishers are fairly compensated for the content they produce, and companies receive content that accurately tells their story and reaches a large audience. The only loser is the public relations agency that no longer collects big monthly checks for a minimal effort.

Unlike other private publishing deals, the program places the main focus on high quality content. There are no thinly-disguised promotional pieces, backlink overloads and search engine trickery, or ghostwriting marketing men. Publishers are connected with top-tier sources, write the articles, and are very well compensated for their efforts – up to $3000 a piece for writing alone.

As technology continues to change the world, business models are continually evolving.’s new publisher program represents that rare occasion on which industry change happens preemptively, setting the stage for what’s to come rather than reacting to what has already happened.

The revolution has come, and the future of publishing is here.

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