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February 2014
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New Report Reveals Route Truck Business is Booming



February 19, 2014 / ACCESSWIRE / A recently released report by reveals that route truck sales are up significantly as more people pursue driving as an opportunity to become their own boss.

The Route Truck Insurance Company has recently launched its new website that offers users the opportunity to get insurance quotes for truck route businesses. The company offers a number of different insurance packages to cover a wide range of trucking situations.

A unique feature that this site offers is the “Routes for Sale” feature. This feature allows you to examine a number of different route trucks that are for sale. It provides the territory, the company that the route is contracted to, total price, down payment, weekly net, and contact information.

According the, the sale of route trucks has increased significantly over the past year as more and more individuals see it as an opportunity to enter the world of entrepreneurship. The company speaks of the multitudinous benefits that are associated with purchasing a route truck.

Many of the route trucks seen on the streets and highways are driven by private contractors who have been contracted by companies to make deliveries and pickups to and from specific clients. The owners of these trucks have routes that keep them consistently busy, delivering different products to shops, stores and even office buildings.

Entrepreneurial Opportunity

One of the first benefits of buying a truck route is the opportunity to become your own boss. There are people who don’t enjoy being micromanaged and under the constant watch of a manager or supervisor. They are self-motivated and driven to succeed. There are others that are simply bored with the constant monotony of a normal nine-to-five job.

By taking ownership of an existing route truck business, individuals are able to immediately start generating revenue. Many are enthused by the fact that there is no time clock to punch, although most routes are time sensitive to a certain degree.

Long-term Investment in the Future

Many people that are considering purchasing a route truck are viewing it as opportunity to invest in their long-term future. By purchasing just one route, a person can generate a significant income for them and their family for many years. Because there is always an opportunity for growth and expansion, the initial investment can have an exponential ROI. The longevity associated with owning a route truck business is also a benefit that is considered. The trucking industry has consistently remained strong over the years. Products have to be shipped and trucks are the most effective and economical way to do it. More so, individuals continuously build on the truck routes that they own as they can purchase more than one route, thereby having more than one business.

Exclusive Territory

Another benefit that Route Truck Insurance was keen on was the existence of exclusive territories. When an individual purchases a route they are buying the rights to drive a specific route in order to deliver products to a specified company. These routes are exclusive, meaning that you are not competing with other drivers for work. The route that is purchased belongs to the driver who purchased it.

It is important to note that this benefit comes with an immense responsibility. Because the route is exclusive, the driver does not have the option of refusing a pick up or delivery – there will be no backup drivers to take the route. If a driver is not able to run their route, it will be their direct responsibility to find a replacement driver for that day.

Great Earnings

Revenue is always a major concern when it comes to making a business investment. As exciting as owning your own business can be, no one wants to become involved in situation in which there is not enough revenue to make ends meet. Truck routes businesses provide the opportunity to earn a significant income that will be sufficient to support a family. When a driver purchases a route they will be aware of the weekly income that is associated with that particular route. Moreover, when they own more than one route, they can double in the profit while spending less in overhead expenses by using one truck.

Once the cost of the business has been paid off, the income generated from the business is profit, with the exception of the normal expenses associated with being a trucking contractor.

Route Truck Insurance is excited about the opportunities that they are offering through their new site, in which a person can purchase a route truck and purchase the necessary insurance to protect their investment. They are certain things will only improve.

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