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March 2014
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Christian Heesch Speaks About His Multiple Patents


A medical doctor, Christian Heesch, discusses the variety of patents to his name.

MOBILE, AL, March 04, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — Throughout the 20 years that Christian Heesch has been working in medicine, he has been exposed to a variety of work settings. In addition to an international medical school background which includes study throughout several countries in Europe and also the United States as well as extensive research and teaching, Christian Heesch holds multiple patents both in the medical and nonmedical arenas.

Christian Heesch always enjoyed the fields of product development and invention, in addition to his medical work. While his focus in product development is in the medical field, he also reached out into non-medical applications. Christian Heesch believes that for people that enjoy thinking about simple solutions to common problems, product development can be an interesting addition to their professional life.

As Christian Heesch is a general practitioner as well as a Peripheral Vascular Specialist, many of his medical inventions have to do with cardiology. One of his current development efforts involves a “Guide Support Catheter,” designed to assist physicians during technically difficult catheter-based coronary vascular interventions. Christian Heesch was able to develop this invention through his own experience with performing cardiovascular procedures.

Christian Heesch believes that people are best at innovation if they focus on their particular professional experience or on their individual interests. The basis to any invention, he believes, is the ability to first recognize a particular problem or need.

Christian Heesch has also created a device that can improve the safety of x-rays. This product is referred to as a Radiator Field Isolator Apparatus, which is designed to lessen the impact of scattered x-rays which can often be absorbed by staff attending to a patient.

While occasional X-ray exposure in small amounts for diagnostic purposes is generally not considered to be a cause of concern, Christian Heesch believes that medical personnel can quickly absorb significant cumulative amounts of scatter radiation in the workplace – so, any additional protection is useful.

Beyond his patents in the medical world, Christian Heesch has patents in a variety of areas. One of his patents is for novel case that can be used to protect string instruments. Christian Heesch is also a fishing enthusiast, and he has patented a specific kind of spinning reel designed to improve recreational fishing.

Many people have great ideas how to make their workplace more efficient, or they come up with gadgetry to assist in a variety of tasks both at home. Christian Heesch believes that anyone has the potential to become an inventor.

Christian Heesch is a physician who currently lives in Mobile, Alabama. His experience in the medical field first led him into product development, and he subsequently decided to also branch outside the field of medicine. Interested individuals can learn more about Christian Heesch here.

About: Christian Heesch is an international traveler, doctor, and inventor.