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March 2014
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Michael LeRoy Increases Donations to ALS Charities


Michael LeRoy has a long history of donating to various ALS charities. This year, he has increased his support for both local and national ALS-related organizations.

DENVER, CO, March 04, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — Michael LeRoy is an individual who is truly committed to charity work. For years, he has donated his time and money to charities both within his local area of Orlando, Florida and across the country. Michael LeRoy recently started to donate to various ALS-related charities, including The ALS Foundation and Team Gleason. After several months of regular donations to these charities, Michael LeRoy has decided to increase the amount of his contributions. He has been impressed with the work that these charities do for individuals with ALS, which has influenced his decision to increase his support for these efforts.

Michael LeRoy explains that ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease within the United States, is a disease that affects the muscular and respiratory systems. Over time, ALS causes significant deterioration of muscle tissue, atrophy, and difficulties with breathing, speaking, and swallowing. Due to the severity of the disease, most individuals with ALS die as a result of complications within three to five years of symptom onset. For this reason, Michael LeRoy and ALS charities are committed to providing services to ALS individuals that improve their quality of life. These charities also promote regular fundraising events, as a means of funding research for new treatments and the hope of an eventual cure.

The ALS Foundation has served the needs of individuals with ALS since 1985. The foundation aims to promote public awareness about the disease, raise funds for research, and coordinate care and services to individuals and families in need, all goals that Michael LeRoy believes in. The multi-disciplinary approach of the foundation’s work is what attracted Michael LeRoy to the organization. He explains, “I love that The ALS Foundation fights the disease from all angles. As ALS is a complex disease, I believe that charitable organizations should be equally as varied in their services.” Thanks to The ALS Foundation’s range of services, the organization has helped millions of individuals and families alike.

In addition to his work with The ALS Foundation, Michael LeRoy also regularly donates to The Gleason Initiative and Team Gleason, which is named for former NFL football player Steve Gleason, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2011. Team Gleason aims to raise awareness about ALS, promote global changes that will eventually lead to a cure for the disease, and provide individuals with ALS and similar diseases with technology and equipment to assist with managing day to day life. Although the charity works in many areas, Michael LeRoy was most drawn to the Gleason Initiative program. He explains, “The Gleason Initiative is a program that does fundraising for ALS research and also provides services to individuals in need. The program does very impressive work, which is why I regularly donate to the cause.”

For Michael LeRoy, donating to ALS charities is a part of his everyday life. Michael LeRoy says, “Anyone can develop ALS, which is why I think it’s important to donate to causes that are working towards a cure.” The subject of ALS is important to Michael LeRoy, after seeing his grandfather battle the disease years ago, so he plans to continue his support of The ALS Foundation and Team Gleason for many years to come.

About: Michael LeRoy is a Managing Partner and co-founder of the Florida-based law firm Fulmer, LeRoy, Albee, Bauman. He works out of the firm’s office in Orlando.