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March 2014
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Haystac Revolutionizes the Way Unstructured Data is Classified and Analyzed


Haystac announces UIG360(TM), the first Unified Information Governance solution that allows enterprises to classify, analyze and manage unstructured, text-based data

BOSTON, MA, March 10, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — As today’s business executives strive to manage vast amounts of electronic, scanned and faxed documents, mostly in the form of unstructured, text-based data, and resolve compliance, retention, security, fraud detection and other business issues faster, and with higher quality than ever before, Haystac, Inc. announces Haystac UIG360(TM). A highly flexible content intelligence software platform, UIG360(TM) can be quickly adapted to the way enterprise business managers, at all levels, manage, classify, analyze vast amounts of documents, emails and other, text-based content to enable them to be pro-actively informed, evaluate, act upon and follow up on key operational business issues and topics.

While designed to compliment and interact with existing information systems, including Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, Haystac UIG360(TM) delivers an innovative approach to content intelligence and document classification, focused on selected, well-defined business needs. With Haystac UIG360(TM), business managers have 360 degrees view of the information contained in the hierarchically classified documents, and effectively manage their daily business activities in a customized environment that provides them with consolidated and correlated information from a variety of sources.

Haystac’s UIG360(TM) is designed to integrate immediately with the way managers and executives work and think. It is built around information about a user’s defined categories, or “business topics” such as: M&A activities, retention, various regulatory compliance, security, fraud detection, litigation, email correspondence, and others.

Haystac UIG360(TM) allows decision-makers to have access to documents from a variety of categories and sources. The information is provided in context and is fully correlated with other, existing categories or “business topics” for a 360 degree view. Haystac UIG360(TM) also alerts users to changing conditions by allowing them to implement corporate document retention policies.

“As company strategies are increasingly demand-driven, the need for timely information that is relevant to the task at hand and is within context becomes critical,” said Barak Tsivkin, CEO of Haystac. “Companies need a systemic way to analyze their unstructured, text based data to gain Business insight and monitor compliance. Haystac’s Unified Information Governance (UIG360) platform provides a 360 degrees view of unstructured data, starting with Machine Learning-based technology that classifies, builds hierarchies and manages documents across the organization. This approach is more sustainable, cost-effective, and adaptable than ad-hoc approaches to information governance”

Haystac UIG360(TM) is the first and, to date, the only Unified Information Governance solution that effectively addresses the need of enterprises for hierarchical document classification, unstructured data analytics and document retention management, all on a single, highly flexible platform delivered via a secured private cloud. It consists of three main solution components:

classify360(TM) – Multi-purpose, hierarchical classification and categorization employing a fully supervised, machine learning methodology
comply360(TM) – Retention policies management for compliance monitoring
analyze360(TM) – Unstructured, text-based analysis and predictive analytics based on statistical analysis.

Haystac UIG360(TM) delivers considerable benefits to both, enterprise business managers, helping the gain control over the variety of documents, and IT managers who are tasked with providing such solutions to the business users. Haystac UIG360,
1. Provides on-demand access to any and all document-based information needed by business managers.
2. Can be tailored and personalized to the individual management needs of every business manager.
3. Is a rapid and complete solution that can be implemented quickly, and leverages existing IT skills and investments
4. Features a powerful, fully supervised classification and analytics platform combining high level data viewing and robust unstructured, text-based data search capabilities.

Haystac offers rapid implementation services based on extensive experience in data integration and a set of pre-defined business templates designed to address the user’s needs. Customers interested in learning more about Haystac UIG360(TM) solution can visit ( or call (800 line).

About Haystac Ltd
Haystac Inc. is a subsidiary of Solaris Development Inc., a USA corporation based in Boston. Haystac Inc. was created to commercialize a 9 years investment in the field of machine learning and intelligent information extraction for regulatory compliance, management of retentions policies and overall information assurance and corporate risk management.

The core technology is based on extensive academic research, and contains advanced and highly sophisticated algorithms that allow the highest degree of information assurance, with advanced set of tools for customization, integration and scalability – patent issuance pending.

Haystac’s Enterprise Unified Information Governance solution integrates into existing workflow systems of Information Governance from document scanning, (digitization) to digital data repositories, to clean, indexed, classified, summarized data – ready for use in a variety of Enterprise Content Management Systems or for any other purposes.

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