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March 2014
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Richard Counts Announces New Consulting Alliance with Redcliff Energy


Richard Counts recently assisted with the formation of a consulting alliance between Redcliff Energy and his company Greystone Group, GmbH. The alliance will focus on international LNG sellers and buyers.

NAPLES, FL, March 14, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — Richard Counts is pleased to announce the formation of a consulting alliance firm between Greystone Group, GmbH and Redcliff Energy Advisors, LLC. As the Chief Executive Officer of Greystone Group, GmbH, Richard Counts felt that it was important to begin to align with other leading energy companies in international business endeavors. As a result, the alliance between the Greystone Group and Recliff Energy was formed. Richard Counts is excited about this alliance, as he feels that its formation will help to streamline the sales and trades of natural energy sources.

According to Richard Counts, Greystone Group, GmbH is based in Switzerland but has offices in London. The group focuses on reservoir engineering and the exploration of gas and oil sources. Greystone Group, GmbH is an international company, whose consulting services span several countries and continents, adds Richard Counts. Additionally, Richard Counts has worked with a number of consultants utilized by Greystone for many years and enjoys being able to work in international markets.

Similar to the Greystone Group, Redcliff Energy is also an energy firm that works with gas and oil sources. The two companies have a long history of cooperative ventures, as they frequently work together in the international gas and oil market. Richard Counts explains, “Redcliff Energy was our first choice for founding a consulting alliance. We have worked well with them for over twenty years.” The history of positive relations between the two companies will undoubtedly extend to the consulting alliance, as both corporations are committed to providing top quality services in the energy industry, according to Richard Counts.

The consulting alliance will be targeted towards international buyers and sellers of liquefied natural gas (LNG), says Richard Counts. The sales and trade of LNG is an increasingly popular field, and it is expected to increase by 6.7 percent each year until 2020. Qatar is currently the world’s biggest supplier of LNG, and the country accounts for 25 percent of all LNG exports, notes Richard Counts. On the import side, the United Kingdom and France were the first nations to make an LNG trade from Algeria. According to Richard Counts, LNG has proven to be a helpful resource for countries with energy shortages, so the import business is booming.

Richard Counts recently toured the LNG facility in Ras Lafan, Qatar. The Country of Qatar has the 3rd largest reserves of Natural gas in the world and Qatar Gas is the world’s largest exporter of LNG in the world. According to Richard Counts, the LNG facility at Ras Lafan is a model facility. Qatar’s natural gas reserves, the LNG facilities at Ras Lafan and the progressive thinking of Qatar’s ruling family position the country of Qatar to dominate the LNG export business for many, many years.

Although the markets for LNG have been traditionally predominant in Asian and Middle Eastern countries, Western nations are gradually becoming involved. According to Richard Counts, the United States will likely become a leading exporter of LNG within the next ten years. This new trend is what sparked Richard Counts‘ interest in creating a consulting alliance for LNG sellers and buyers. Richard Counts explains, “LNG is a very popular resource these days, so I wanted to build an alliance that would not only support the global LNG industry, but would also provide services in marketing, development, and delivery.”

According to Richard Counts, the GmbH’s headquarters will be in London. As part of his career in energy law and management and as chief executive officer of the Greystone Group, Richard Counts will oversee the alliance’s operations.

About: Richard Counts is the CEO of the Greystone Group, GmbH. He works with the company’s office in London, United Kingdom.