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March 2014
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Robert Pope of New London, CT is a Safety Professional


Robert Pope of New London, CT advocates best practices for a safe workplace.

NEW LONDON, CT, March 20, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — Robert Pope of New London, CT is a professional safety inspector and authorized safety trainer by the United States Department of Labor and the Regional Safety Education Center. He has been a safety professional for nearly thirty years, during which time he has established himself as a respected member of the safety community and highly-regarded by his professional peers.

Robert Pope is the principal safety professional for the UAS Corporation and the safety expert for his own company, ACS Solutions. Robert Pope of New London, CT ensures his workforce maintains high standards of safety that live up to incredibly high expectations.

To qualify as a safety professional like Robert Pope of New London, CT, exacting standards must be met. Those who seek certification must have obtained a degree from an accredited college or university, and must already have professional safety experience in their backgrounds. The primary responsibility of this position must be the prevention of harm to people, property, and the environment, rather than for responding to harmful events.

The position must also be at the professional level. This is determined by evaluating the degree of responsible charge and reliance of employers or clients on the person’s ability to defend analytical approaches used in professional practice. This also encompasses their recommending how to control hazards through engineering and/or administrative approaches.

The ultimate goal of Robert Pope of New London, CT is to prevent workplace injuries by establishing sound and proven standard operating procedures for every employee. He has established himself to be a safety leader that never cuts corners when it comes to the health and well-being of his employees.

Robert Pope of New London, CT began as a safety inspector some thirty years ago. Since that time he has developed a strong foundation in safe workplace procedures that help employees stay injury free. He works to minimize any potential dangers of the workplace and develop safe practices that reduce, if not eliminate, the chance for injury.

Robert Pope of New London, CT’s first safety-related job was as a safety inspector for Stone & Webster Engineering Corp over 28 years ago. He took this position shortly after graduating from high school. Since that first job, Robert Pope of New London, CT has worked in safety for 14 professional construction firms. In 2001 he accepted a position with Integrated Construction Enterprises, where he remained until 2007. He has also been Integrated Construction’s Safety Manager, overseeing safety policy and instituting a strong record of accident-free work sites.

Robert Pope of New London, CT has worked as a Senior Safety Supervisor for Skanska, ETASC JV and Total Safety Consulting. His commitment to his profession led to the establishment of ACS Solutions, which he founded and continues to serve as the primary Safety Professional.

Robert Pope of New London, CT says the best way to keep a workplace ACS Solutions is with proven preventative measures, and making sure that every employee has a solid understanding of the best ways to safely go about their work.

Robert Pope of New London, CT says he is proud of the rewards that have come from his career as a safety professional.

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