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March 2014
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Stashitware Pocket Underwear when Security is a Concern


By Accesswire-GNS

Stashitware Pocket Underwear: Stashitware Keeps Valuables Safely Hidden from Campus Pickpockets

Bonifay, Florida / ACCESSWIRE / March 20, 2014 / College students often feel a false sense of security on campus, not realizing how vulnerable their valuables are in their backpacks. This can be solved by using Stashitware Pocket Underwear.

With the backpack pockets out of sight of the wearer, it’s all too easy for a thief to quickly unzip them and take off with cash, credit cards, IDs, and other belongings. When pushing through crowds at busy football games, frat parties, concerts, and other events, students also put the valuables in their pockets at risk.

Stashitware—unique pocket underwear with secret pockets—is a comfortable and discreet way for students to protect their belongings on the go. The revolutionary undergarments with hidden storage were originally created to help travelers keep things safe from pickpockets, but creator Philip Scott has stumbled upon a burgeoning market: college students who want to keep their belongings safe on campus.

“After my wallet was stolen in 2005, I decided there had to be a better way to carry my cash and credit cards, where it would almost be impossible to steal or lose,” Scott says. “I started Stashitware in 2006, and since have helped thousands of customers keep their belongings safe. They are completely pickpocket-proof.”


How do they work? A hidden pocket on the front of the pocket underwear has a wide slit that can fit many small items. The pocket is so deep in the men’s boxer briefs that a Coca-Cola bottle can fit in it. Stashitware are made of soft and comfortable material, look like regular underwear, and are worn under your clothes, out of sight and reach from thieves.

This affordable underwear comes in a variety of shapes and styles for both men and women, including boxers, briefs, bikini briefs, boybriefs and thongs. Starting at only $5.50, Stashitware is an easy way for budget-conscious college students to privately protect valuables. It’s a small investment for warding off potential financial or identity theft.

Famed pickpocket and theft expert Bob Arno and his wife Bambi Vincent are huge fans. “I wore Stashitware on the world’s most crowded trains, and I have to say, I loved Stashitware!” Vincent says. “I never worried about my cash, credit cards, and ID. It was perfectly comfortable to carry it all in Stashitware. None of the many kinds of pickpockets would be able to get it. And my stuff was quick and simple to get out and put back.” Arno says, “If these were in stores, pickpockets would become shoplifters to get them off the shelves.”

Stashitware is also essential travel gear for college students traveling abroad. The pocket is the perfect size for passports, IDs, hotel room cards, and other small valuables susceptible to pickpocketing. Learn more or buy your pair at


About Stashitware:

Stashitware was started with a vision of providing quality pocket boxer briefs to discerning clientèle from all walks of life. I started off with a small setup offering alterations to name brand underwear. As Stashitware grew, I eventually had the pocket boxer briefs manufactured and now offer them for sale on the internet. They come in small, medium, large and extra large sizes and they come in black and gray colors. As an individual I am fully committed to providing the best possible service at every point to all my thousands of satisfied customers. It is my sincere commitment that I want to not just meet, but far exceed my customer´s expectations when it comes to customer service & support. I try my best to ensure that there is absolutely no slippage in my customer service. So you are free to contact me any time and I very much look forward to serving your pocket underwear needs.

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