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March 2014
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Advaxis, Inc. “A Win-Win in Pet Therapeutics”


By Market Exclusive

Philadelphia, PA / ACCESSWIRE / March 21, 2014 / Advaxis,
Inc. (NASDAQ: ADXS) today published a new blog post on The Chairman’s
Blog, written by the Company’s EVP and COO, Mr. Gregory T. Mayes. is an exclusive online media publication that
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Mayes discusses the Company’s recently announced agreement with
Aratana, which will be focused on cancer immunotherapies for pets.
His new blog outlines the “win win” situation he believes the
collaboration presents, writing, “…the biggest winners of all are
the patients — both humans and dogs.” Read the full blog post
from Mr. Gregory T. Mayes on


Advaxis, Inc.

is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing the next
generation of cancer immunotherapies. Advaxis’s immunotherapies are
based on a novel platform technology using live, attenuated bacteria
to stimulate the immune system to selectively target cancer cells
while reducing tumor defenses.

Advaxis’s lead immunotherapy for the treatment of HPV-associated
cancers, has demonstrated improved survival and objective tumor
responses in a Phase 2 trial in 110 patients with recurrent cervical
cancer. Advaxis is now planning the registrational program for
ADXS-HPV. ADXS-HPV is also being evaluated in other HPV-associated
cancers including a Phase 2 in advanced cervical cancer, a Phase 1/2
in head and neck cancer, and a Phase 1/2 in anal cancer. ADXS-HPV has
orphan drug status for both anal and head and neck cancers. As part
of its global commercialization strategy to enter into regional
licensing deals with other market dominant biopharmaceutical
companies in territories where there is a high prevalence of
HPV-associated cancers, Advaxis has granted exclusive licenses for
the development and commercialization of ADXS-HPV in Asia and India.

is an immunotherapy for the treatment of HER2 overexpressing cancers
(such as breast, gastric, esophageal, and other cancers in humans and
for osteosarcoma in canines). Advaxis’s lead animal-health
immunotherapy, ADXS-cHER2, has demonstrated encouraging survival data
in a Phase 1 trial in canine osteosarcoma. These data provide the
rationale to advance this same immunotherapy into a Phase 1 clinical
trial in women with HER2-positive breast cancer. The Company is
preparing an IND submission for ADXS-cHER2 in breast cancer in 2014.

has created more than 20 distinct immunotherapies based on its
platform, either directly or through strategic collaborations with
recognized cancer centers of excellence. We have clinical research
collaborations with the University of Pennsylvania, Brown University,
the Georgia Regents University Cancer Center, the Icahn School of
Medicine at Mount Sinai, and others.

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