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(AUDIO ENHANCED) TMX Group Has Announced Entry Into Private Markets. MarketRadio Host Pat Beechinor and TSX Listings President Kevan Cowan Discuss the Opportunity – and the Oppo…



CALGARY, AB / ACCESSWIRE / April 1, 2014 / Episode #5: TMX Group’s announcement that it plans to foray into the private markets is welcomed news to some, but not to others.

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In a two-part one-on-one, Pat Beechinor and Kevan Cowan address key issues, including:

Q: What exactly is TSX Private Markets designed to be?

Q: Is this a platform to groom private companies to be public, or can companies list and remain private indefinitely?

Q: Is there a danger that struggling listed companies try to parachute from TSX / TSX Venture and still fly under the banner of TMX as private companies?

Q: Canadian financing rules and regulations are in flux. Everything from crowd financing to exempt market offerings are up in the air. Where does this new TMX initiative fit into the mix?

Q: When will regulations be laid down that determine the parameters and requirements that determine who can and cannot list on TSX Private Markets?

Q: Exempt Market investment is only available to qualified investors, what about TSX Private Markets?

Q: When and why did TMX Group decide to enter this market?

Q: Being that the TSX itself is a quasi-regulator, how can it fairly compete in this space?

Q: This is initiative requires regulatory approval, but who realistically oversees the TMX to decide what it can and cannot do – in other words – Who Watches the Watchmen?

Q: What are the next steps for TMX Group to move forward?

Q: Who do people contact for more information?

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