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April 2014
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Families with Young Children should be Active, says Brooklyn Pediatrician


By fishbat

In response to an article published by, Dr. Michael Gabriel of Gabriel Pediatrics, a Brooklyn pediatric care center, says that activity and play time should have an important role in everyday family life

Brooklyn, NY / / via ACCESSWIRE /  April 01, 2014 / Dr. Michael Gabriel of Gabriel Pediatrics, a Brooklyn pediatric care center, responds to an article published on March 24 by that encourages parents to be more active.

According to an article published on March 24th by NPR titled “When Mothers Get Moving, Children Are More Active, Too” a recent study performed in the UK analyzed the daily activities of over 550 mothers of 4-year-olds. It found that mothers, on average, spent only 19 minutes of their waking hours each day doing moderate to vigorous activity and only half were active for at least 30 minutes on one or more days each week.

The study’s authors expressed that it was important for families, as a whole, to be more active. Even if they have to do so by adding bits of activities throughout the day, every little thing makes a difference as time goes by.

Dr. Michael Gabriel of Gabriel Pediatrics, a Brooklyn pediatric care center, says that young children need to get active. “Children can get bored easily, so it’s important to keep their minds busy. Just like their minds, their bodies also require some level of activity,” Gabriel explains. “Parents need to work as a team to ensure that the younger children get a good amount of moderate activity throughout the day.”

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