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April 2014
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School-Sponsored Obesity Screens for Children are a Smart Move, says Brooklyn Pediatrician


By fishbat

In response to an article published by, Dr. Michael Gabriel of Gabriel Pediatrics, a Brooklyn pediatric care center, says that although schools are the best location to perform Body Mass Index (BMI) screens, the way they should be approached must be carefully thought through

BROOKLN, NY / / ACCESSWIRE / April 7, 2014 / Dr. Michael Gabriel of Gabriel Pediatrics, a Brooklyn pediatric care center, responds to an article published on March 29 by, which talks about a local elementary school’s initiative to perform yearly BMI screens for its students.

According to an article published on March 29th by Tuscaloosa News titled, “Schools begin checking for child obesity,” a local Chula Vista, CA, elementary school has started an initiative to perform BMI tests on its students.

The article also mentioned that other schools around the nation are starting to perform the same type of studies, but their procedures differed from one another. As expected, parents’ and communities’ reactions were also separated at two sides of the spectrum: one side felt outraged while the other side was happy to see schools monitoring their children’s BMIs.

In addition to these tests, schools across the nation have started to increase their health-conscious initiatives, implementing more physical activities and cutting back on unhealthy food options provided in cafeterias.

Dr. Michael Gabriel of Gabriel Pediatrics, a Brooklyn pediatric care center, says that children need to be reminded of the dangers of obesity, but that the topic of weight should be dealt with delicately. “Children can be easily hurt by what others have to say about them and are highly impressionable,” Gabriel explains. “Schools should definitely perform these studies and introduce other healthy initiatives. The results could serve as guidance for schools about what to implement to make their institutions healthier. However, school officials should be discrete about test results to avoid any embarrassment and/or negativity.”

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SOURCE: Gabriel Pediatrics

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