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April 2014
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As the Founder of Global MedInvent LLC, Thomas Huling Fuels Medical Industry Innovation


Global MedInvent LLC is an investment group that supports medical and pharmaceutical technology projects. Thomas Huling provides investors with an opportunity to improve the healthcare industry.

CRANSTON, RI, April 10, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — Global MedInvent, LLC offers investors multiple opportunities to make a positive and important impact on the medical community. As a member of the World Holding Group, which was founded by Thomas Huling, Global MedInvent provides a quality avenue for medical and pharmaceutical technology investment through three important and potentially industry-changing projects.

The first opportunity offered by Thomas Huling and Global MedInvent, LLC includes the development and patenting of micro-invasive diagnostics tools and devices, as well as drug delivery technologies, which target lung cancer and certain pulmonary and vascular diseases. Thomas Huling believes the technologies being developed through this investment opportunity have the potential to provide medical professionals powerful diagnostic and treatment options by creating access to previously inaccessible passageways and vessels within the human body. By utilizing the world’s smallest surgical camera, this technology provides healthcare professionals a better opportunity than ever before to treat localized areas with effective drugs.

Global MedInvent, LLC and Thomas Huling next offer an opportunity for investors to play a role in molecular research that may someday revolutionize how certain retinal disorders and maladies and treated. This research is being performed by a well-trained and advanced research team with clinical and scientific expertise. They have a proven track record for success. Thomas Huling gives investors the chance to make a financial investment in a potentially powerful eye-treatment method.

The third investment opportunity offered by Global MedInvent and Thomas Huling creates a way for investors to support the development of efficient and painless retinal diagnostic technology. The creation of equipment to improve retinal scans and imaging promises to deliver more accurate and effective results than ever before. The skilled retina specialists involved in this project provide this opportunity with a great chance for success, giving Thomas Huling and his investment team the opportunity to potentially forever change how retinal issues are diagnosed and treated.

Global MedInvent offers many ways for investors to get involved in medical innovation projects; the development of ideas and inventions that could have a drastically positive and industry-altering impact. Thomas Huling established Global MedInvent LLC because he wanted to be a part of exciting, profitable and effective medical technologies that have the opportunity to completely change the way everyone receives medical treatment. The work being done through Global MedInvent and Thomas Huling is important to the future of the healthcare industry, and has the potential to improve the quality of millions of people’s lives.

Global MedInvent exists to support medical and pharmaceutical breakthrough technology. As an investment opportunity, Thomas Huling hopes that MedInvent will continue to provide investors with profitable returns well into the future. Thomas Huling is an experienced and highly skilled financial advisor and professional who has achieved success managing multiple investment strategies. With MedInvent, LLC, he hopes to inspire quality investment into technologies that could revolutionize medical treatments forever.

Thomas Huling is the Founder and Director of this powerful investment opportunity. He is able to offer this investment strategy because of years of investment and leadership success. Thomas Huling has many years of experience building lasting professional relationships and developing investment opportunities.

About: Thomas Huling is an investment professional with an ambition to forever change the medical industry.