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April 2014
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Visionary Architect Lorena Checa Creates Inspirational Green Living Spaces


By Accesswire-MM

Lorena Checa, visionary Principal Architect of CHECA Architects, advocates the use of sustainable design and construction techniques to create modern home designs that inspire homeowners to bring their best self out into the world everyday.


Washington, DC / ACCESSWIRE / April 10th, 2014 / A great design is a conscious design. That’s the transformative philosophical foundation of each of Lorena Checa’s projects as the visionary Principal Architect of CHECA Architects. “Everyone deserves to live in an amazing home that supports their dreams and their lifestyle, while inspiring them to bring their best self out into the world everyday,” says Lorena.

CHECA Architects is a full-service firm that specializes in partnering with green-minded contractors to use sustainable design and construction techniques that ensure each project celebrates the natural beauty of the surroundings while lifting the human spirit. Lorena is an energetic advocate for the modern homeowner who understands that the space they live in has the power to enrich their life.

“I take my clients through a co-creation process that empowers them to make informed choices about the environment they want to inhabit,” Lorena explains. “Once the project is complete, they feel deeply connected with their home and they have an inspiring space that is in tune with the surrounding nature.”

Lorena’s approach makes her an architect, a landscape designer, and an interior designer. “The highest priority for my designs is to be responsive to my client’s needs as well as the natural surroundings,” Lorena explains. “My designs are clean and efficient, yet warm and beautiful – just like nature itself.”

Her philosophy works on every level. The CHECA Architects website is full of affirming testimonials from clients like Rafe and Lenore Pomerance of Adams Morgan in Washington, DC. “Lorena has helped us to make virtually every corner of our house into a delight to use and to admire. She accurately figures out how we live, and how we want to live and tailors her designs that enhance our lives.” The Pomerance residence was showcased on HGTV and photos and a video walkthrough of their residence are featured on

One of Lorena’s most recent projects, a very green whole-house renovation and addition in Arlington, Virginia, was recently featured in the Real Estate section of The Washington Post.

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