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April 2014
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Flexible Lifeline Systems Installs Flow Waterjet System


Flexible is now capable of cutting complex finished-quality parts from virtually any material.

HOUSTON, TX, April 12, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ — Flexible Lifeline Systems, a world leading provider of innovative fall protection solutions, has installed a Flow water jet cutting system at its manufacturing facility in Houston, TX. With its new waterjet system, Flexible is now capable of cutting complex finished-quality parts from virtually any material.

Fall protection expert Flexible Lifeline Systems manufactures a wide variety of fall protection equipment specializing in custom projects. Fall protection systems and maintenance platforms designed and installed by Flexible are used around the world to protect workers at height across a wide variety of industries and applications including aviation maintenance, bulk loading, rooftop and building maintenance, and countless other industrial applications. The company fabricates structural supports and components from carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Founded in 1996, Flexible has been steadily growing its capabilities for almost 20 years. Fall protection expert and company President Andy Townend attributes his company’s growth and customer loyalty to its unsurpassed commitment to quality and its expertise in designing and manufacturing fall protection systems. Flexible’s mission is to design, manufacture and install systems that provide 100% fall protection while providing a positive or neutral effect on the user’s productivity.

“Flexible Lifeline Systems has become recognized as a leader in quality in the engineered fall protection business, delivering each fall protection system with a very high attention to the end user’s activities.” Townend commented. “We have customers that have been with us since the beginning that include Fortune 500 companies and major multi-nationals. We pay very close attention to our system designs, assuring all dimensions are precise so that, not only is the critical installation phase a seamless experience for the customer, but that the use of the systems actually increases the productivity of the end user while also eliminating the hazards commonly associated with working at height. Customers call on us when they have unique fall hazards that cannot be solved by a product found in a distributor catalog. We treat our customers’ projects as unique equipment that deserves close attention to detail and quality.”

This meticulous attention to quality is what compelled Flexible to install a precision Flow waterjet cutting system, Townend noted, “Before installing the water jet, the company had mainly been outsourcing work to multiple waterjetvendors.We decided to buy a waterjet because of its clean cut capabilities. Our goal is to increase quality and throughput while reducing delivery times for the customer. We wanted a system that cuts parts with little or no edge cleanup required. The waterjet allows us to cut steel and aluminum (our main working material), but also softer material such as rubber and teflon. We had been outsourcing waterjet cutting and were always satisfied with the edge quality and easy assembly of its finished parts. With our own waterjet we are able to move from raw material to finished parts in as little time as possible while improving our systems’ quality and precision.”

Flexible’s new waterjet cutting capabilities will help the company maintain its competitive edge, Townend noted. “Adding a waterjet to our manufacturing process set the quality bar even higher. Our goal is to minimize the time it takes to go from raw material to the installed and certified system. As we implement this, we are striving to consistently deliver a system with outstanding quality. We are setting Flexible Lifeline Systems even further apart in an industry where quality and workmanship are paramount and system failure is simply not an option.”

For additional information, contact Hugh Armstrong, Sr. Vice President of Flexible Lifeline Systems, Inc., or visit

Flexible Lifeline Systems is a leading turnkey provider of innovative fall protection solutions. Based in Houston, TX, FLS offers site assessments, training, engineering, design, fabrication and installation of all types of fall arrest systems and access platforms across a wide variety of industries.

Flexible has been steadily growing its capabilities for almost 20 years, with an unsurpassed commitment to quality and expertise in designing and manufacturing fall protection systems.

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Laura Zimmer
Flexible Lifeline Systems