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April 2016


TOOR: The World’s Most Intelligent Real Estate Lock Box


Revolutionary Device and Scheduling Tool Unites Buyers, Sellers and Agents For Seamless Selling, Showing and Touring of Properties

DALLAS, TX, April 14, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dallas-based tech company Toor announced today the release of their visionary, patent-pending device TOOR, a lockbox and scheduling tool set to revolutionize the way buyers, sellers and agents tour, show and sell real estate properties. Featuring unique Bluetooth and cellular technology, the sleekly designed and cutting-edge device allows users to seamlessly schedule and/or approve a property viewing via the customized TOOR app.

For the first time ever, buyers can now enjoy the same secure and immediate access to homes as realtors by reserving a viewing time and exploring a property at their own leisure. Sellers can enjoy holding control over the viewing schedule by approving requests and viewing activity, resulting in potentially faster property sales or rentals. Agents can utilize the latest in real estate lockbox technology to win more listings and manage time and clients more effectively.

TOOR is set to forever change the world of on-demand real estate by giving users unique control over the buying, selling, and renting of properties. With security a top priority, the TOOR platform also gives sellers and landlords the peace of mind that comes with knowing who is viewing their properties and when. It also provides valuable viewing feedback and data that may be crucial to the completion of a property sale or rental.

For more information about this revolutionary device, visit the Kickstarter page HERE.

Following a multifaceted career in real estate, Toor creator and founder Junior Desinor has spent the last year and a half hiring the very best and brightest developers, engineers, and manufacturers to help make his vision for a next-generation real estate lockbox a reality. This powerhouse team has utilized its knowledge, experience, and creativity to establish TOOR: first, as a Kickstarter project; next, as a global brand.