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July 2017


InfraWare, Inc. Announces Major Acquisition


By InfraWare, Inc.

Leading Documentation Technology & Services Firm Announced Acquisition of Catuogno Court Reporting & StenTel Transcription, Inc. (“CCRST”).

TERRE HAUTE, IN / ACCESSWIRE / July 7, 2017 / InfraWare, Inc., a leading documentation technology and services firm, announced the acquisition last month of Catuogno Court Reporting and StenTel Transcription, Inc. (“CCRST”) with offices in and around New England.

Both companies serve customers nationwide. Since 1966, CCRST has been a leading provider of documentation and transcription services with an emphasis in the Northeast. InfraWare’s concentration has been in the Midwest and Gulf states.

“This opportunity made sense for InfraWare on several levels,” said InfraWare CEO, Nick Mahurin, “We have always respected the accomplishments and longevity of CCRST, and it is an honor to carry that legacy forward.” The companies see synergy in many key strategic areas.

The transaction took place in June. Terms were not disclosed except that it was an acquisition of 100 percent of CCRST’s stock. In addition to acquiring the company, InfraWare will make major investments in CCRST to help grow the business and improve customer experiences.

InfraWare’s mission has been to innovate and deliver technology solutions to reduce the burden on professionals who capture documentation as part of their work routine. Compelling mobile apps, patented speech recognition, and interoperability with third party applications are a few of the ways InfraWare improves convenience and reduces documentation costs.

Aside from the retirement of the founder of CCRST, executive management and other key employees will remain. Ray Catuogno said the company had many suitors, and he selected the InfraWare offer based on the outlook for customers and employees. “I chose Nick’s company because he has the technology to move the company forward and grow it,” said Catuogno.

Customers will benefit from the integration of these two great companies through accelerated development of new features and capabilities. Customers of the StenTel platform will get updates based on InfraWare’s leading documentation technologies including patented speech processing, workflow, interoperability, and mobile apps.

About InfraWare, Inc.:

InfraWare was ranked #637 on the 2016 Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies. The company was founded in 2003 and provides a comprehensive platform to harness the power of mobile dictation, automatic speech recognition, and EMR integration to reduce the cost of producing accurate documentation, increase productivity, and cut turnaround time. With more than a decade of innovation in documentation technology, InfraWare’s solution has been proven to consistently enhance user morale and improve the bottom line. For more information about InfraWare’s platform and service, visit


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