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July 2017
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Panama Papers – Shining Light In the Shadows


By Leading Edge Radio Network

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / July 7, 2017 / According to the
Qatar basednews group,, the secret dealings of Dieter Neupert,
Lopag Trust Reg., have gone on since the 1980s[i]. The list of connections to
Lopag Trust Reg., out of Liechtenstein, connects Neupert to the Russian Oligarch and Qatar Royal Family[ii].

Panama Papers: Neupert’s is the benefactor of a few companies in the Panama Papers: shareholder of
Brileton Finance Ltd[iii], Hewitt Associates Limited[iv],[v], Finsbury Trust & Corporation Services Limited[vi], Jean-MarcVuille[vii], Homeland Aviation Limited[viii], The Homeland Foundation and Neupert& Partners.[ix]

Russian Oligarch: Mikhail Khodorkovsky was a former owner of the
Lopag Trust and current owner of the Yukos Oil company. Mikhail has close ties with President Putin and former President Boris Yeltsin. According to Anna Smolska for RT, “Khodorkovsky and Nevzlin also established Menatep Bank, the precursor to Yukos, known as one of the world’s largest non-state oil companies.”[x] At one time, Nevzlin was considered to be among the top 50 influential people in Russia. In 2004,
Nevzil was placed on the international wanted list and later charged for evading 26.7 million rubles in taxes[xi].

Qatar Royal Family: In light of the sanctions more focus has been placed on the Qatar Royal Family.According to ABC’s Brian Ross and David Scott, the Qatari Royal Family has a well-documented history
forsupportingthe Islamic State and al Qaeda[xii]. The Royal Family to this day still denies the allegations; nevertheless, many experts agree that Qatar has supported Islamist groups in Syria for many years[xiii].

The glimpse into the shadows remains difficult to understand. Why a person of influence would desire to be associated with these types of individuals remains to be unanswered. Most never see the connections because this remains at the very nature of these groups.


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