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February 2018


GenesysFund – on the Importance of Investing for Corporations


By GenesysFund

PORT VILA, VANUATU / ACCESSWIRE / February 12, 2018 / Corporations have an ongoing obligation towards their shareholders to maximize profits. Although this does entail numerous aspects such as its products, services, and consistently prudent financial decisions, outside investments provide an effective and beneficial way to generate additional income for a company, while also safeguarding assets against unfavorable economic events. International broker GenesysFund discusses why investment should be a crucial strategy for any business that seeks to sustain optimal revenue.

At the end of an operating year, a corporation has critical decisions to make in regards to its profits. The business’s options include distributing capital as dividends to its shareholders, saving it as cash holdings, investing the excess money back into itself, or in outside areas that will generate interest on the money or provide greater returns. While some corporations might prefer to store up rainy day cash, shareholder expectations should be taken into account. Commodities, foreign currencies, stocks, and indices offer a way of generating income on their own, with the potential to increase a company’s net worth in both the short and long term, to the benefit of all.

GenesysFund points out that although outside investment can be a proactive way to increase earnings, it is also a wise approach for the protection of assets. During economic downturns, consumer spending and business revenues decrease. Instead of putting excess capital towards normal business activities, a corporation may choose to diversify by placing money into entities within other industries that are less affected. “A company can hedge against a national recession by purchasing mutual funds containing either foreign securities or commodities such as gold or oil,” writes Chron contributor Ciaran John. “Increases and decreases in the value of your firm’s securities are not necessarily tied to fluctuations in company sales or the value of your fixed assets.” In other words, by investing surplus cash, it will not be damaged if the securities drop in value. On the other hand, a significant amount of money can be generated if the values do indeed rise. Because of these factors and safeguards, outside investments should always been included as an essential part of company’s financial plan.

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