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February 2018


InCapta, Inc. and The Car Flip Guys Complete the 1971 Ford Mustang Auto Restoration, the TV Pilot Program Edits and Provide Other Important Updates for 2018


By InCapta, Inc.

CHEYENNE, WY / ACCESSWIRE / February 20, 2018 / InCapta, Inc. (OTC PINK: INCT) and The Car Flip Guys have reached the goal of completing their first restoration automobile, a classic 1971 Ford Mustang. This Ford Mustang, a “Spring Sport Edition,” will go up for sale at the end of this month. The limited supply of this classic automobile will draw car enthusiasts interested in acquiring a classic who understand that there are very few in existence. InCapta and The Car Flip Guys believe this classic car should sell prior to the end of the first Quarter of 2018. The Car Flip Guys also completed the first season of its edit of the show, “The Car Flip Guys.”

InCapta’s participation with The Car Flip Guys will extend to other cars once the 1971 Mustang is sold. (See photos of the vehicle within this release.) Ean Martin, Founder of the Car Flip Guys, said, “We worked hard to complete the restoration and look forward to the sale and completing many more Car Flips and restoration projects, many of which will occur faster and not require renovations. Please follow us on YouTube at The Car Flip Guys or visit our website at”

Programming Updates

InCapta recognizes the value of continuing to have multiple opportunities to develop revenue-generating properties and opportunities. Script development of previous projects as discussed is ongoing and the company believes it will have several of its TV and YouTube Projects ready before the end of Q-1 and Q-2, respectively. The company is negotiating a screenplay development deal for a package of 8 screenplays and believes that negotiations could be completed soon.

Consulting Agreements – Television – Movie

On November 21, 2017, the Company retained Lost Art Pictures, LLC for a 180-day term to provide non-exclusive corporate financial advisory services to the Company’s entertainment and business affairs which was disclosed in the previous 8-K.

On November 21, 2017, the Company entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with Left Coast Pictures, Inc. and Media Arts Group for the purpose of creating, management, operation, and any other functions necessary to produce an online movie subscription platform for the distribution of first-run independent films, television programming, and documentaries and was disclosed in the previous 8-K.

Tech News Update from InCapta, Inc.

InCapta continues development of software projects, some of which have applications that will allow media outlets the ability to decipher truth from fiction and accurately determine “fake news” via a proprietary software program.

Greg Martin, President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “InCapta, Inc. is excited to bring the best of classic autos, development of TV and YouTube programming as well as working on several concepts for TV and movie scripts. We continue working on new programming concepts, business development, golf, and media projects from concept to completion.”

The success of the company in the golf and entertainment arenas will be subject to placing seasoned professionals in the areas in which the company specializes and funding will be critical to that success. InCapta, Inc. does its best to work with and assist companies and individuals attempting to reach the next level who desire to achieve their dreams.

InCapta, Inc. – Golf News

InCapta, Inc. continues development of a new golf shaft and golf ball. The golf shaft utilizes a proprietary shaft design in golf drivers and other clubs.

InCapta, Inc. will debut the new shaft technology along with its line of golf balls in 2018. The prototype shaft will be tested in March 2018. The design attempts to add yardage to the drives of all golf skill levels. Industry requirements restrict golf ball design to stay within legal tolerances under the Rules of Golf relating to distance; thus, the golf ball can fly only so far. The science behind the new ball designs aims to deliver distance and pinpoint accuracy by eliminating dispersion in target acquisition from reduced deviation in the manufacturing process. The end result would provide a golfer of any skill level with straighter, longer golf shots, due in part to some of the tightest manufacturing tolerances in the golf industry.

The new golf ball company plans to feature two types of golf balls; for amateurs and professionals, both providing a soft feel with major distance.

The golf ball scientist for InCapta, Inc., has a long history of successful designs within the industry dating back to the 1970s and has been employed by a number of the top golf companies throughout his over 40-year career.

Other Company News

InCapta, Inc. extends its best wishes to former Chairman and President, Mr. John Fleming, who retired in July 2017. As of December 31, 2017, Mr. Fleming is no longer a consultant to the company or affiliated with InCapta, Inc.

InCapta, Inc. also reminds its shareholders and others that the Company provides its news only via required periodic mandatory reports such as 10Q, 10k etc., as required and also only through its authorized company press releases.

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