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February 2018


Neil Shekhter on Up-and-Coming Real Estate Destinations to Keep an Eye on in 2018


By NMS Properties, Inc.

Thrilling Real Estate Listings

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 25, 2018 / There were big changes in the high-end real estate scene throughout the last 12 months or so. Real estate developers introduced world-class residences of all types. Owners put residences up on the market for breathtaking amounts, too. People who follow real estate got the chance to learn about all kinds of interesting things. They got the chance to view Disney World’s Four Seasons properties. They got the opportunity to feast their eyes on Malibu, California’s costliest home of all time as well.

Christie’s International Real Estate team members assessed all of the planet’s biggest high-end real estate markets. These cover locations near, far and anywhere in the middle.

Legendary crooner Dean Martin used to have a massive estate located in Beverly Hills, California. This land currently is the location of a spec mansion that spans 10,000 square feet total. This property is a sight for sore eyes.

924 Bel Air is the address of an impressive spec mansion that’s worth $250 million. It first hit the market in January. It, at that time, was the United States’ priciest available property, period. This residence is equipped with four levels and an abundance of amazing highlights in general. These include a distinctive motorcycle and car collection that has a value of $30 million. They also include a bowling alley that has four lanes. The bowling alley has a charming Louis Vuitton design scheme as well.

The priciest property in all of Switzerland has a dazzling range of perks. Some examples of these perks are a stunning underground lake, a private lift, and even a ski den. The lake has majestic Swarovski crystal candles that actually float, too.

Famed talk show host Johnny Carson used to be the owner of this coastal sanctuary that covers a total of 7,083 square feet. It’s cozily nestled within bluffs by the picturesque Pacific Ocean. It’s available to purchase for a cool $81.5 million.

Beverly Hills boasts many of the planet’s most ornate properties. There’s one particular 20,500 square foot mansion, however, that’s especially enchanting and hard to ignore.

This serene private island is in the heart of scenic Flathead Lake in quiet Montana. It encompasses 22 gorgeous acres and is merely one hour away from all of the splendor of Glacier National Park.

This property is on the 56th floor in the Flatiron District of New York, New York. It’s a Manhattan gem that provides people with some of the finest and most captivating aerial views around. It spans 4,655 square feet as well.

Four Seasons is injecting Disney World with extra excitement. It’s constructing 30 properties that can house single families easily and comfortably. There are two lovely residences that are already available for people to view.

Scott Gillen is an experienced builder and designer who has put a listing up for Malibu’s priciest estate. This home is 10,000 square feet. It’s accessible to anyone who has an amazing $85 million available to spare. This residence has been a source of unbridled enthusiasm for Gillen.

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