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March 2018


ProLung, Inc. Appoints Kristin M. Larson, NP, as Director of Clinical Affairs


By ProLung, Inc.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT / ACCESSWIRE / March 12, 2018 / ProLung, Inc. (“ProLung” or the “Company”), the world leader in innovative predictive analytics technology and non-invasive tests for the risk stratification of lung cancer, announces today the appointment of Kristin M. Larson, NP, to Director of Clinical Affairs.

Steven C. Eror, President and CEO of ProLung®, stated, “I am pleased to announce Ms. Larson as our Director of Clinical Affairs. Since joining ProLung in 2015, she has been focused on driving our pivotal clinical research on the ProLung Test™ forward to completion. In particular, Ms. Larson was instrumental in achieving our patient enrollment goals at the 15 participating clinical sites across the nation which include MD Anderson Cancer Center, the Mayo Clinic, Stanford Health Care, Loyola University Medical Center, Henry Ford Health System, MUSC Health, UCLA Health, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Harvard Medical School), Huntsman Cancer Institute and many other world-class organizations.”

“Lung cancer is this generation’s biggest cancer killer. It kills more people in the USA and the world than the next four cancers combined and its five-year survivability is unacceptably low, at just 17%,” stated Ms. Larson. “Through my ongoing interaction with our physician investigators and ProLung Test operators across the nation, I truly believe that our society’s focus on lung cancer is steadily improving. I want to thank each of the participants in our research for their contributions and commitment to improving lung cancer survival.

Before joining ProLung as the Manager of Clinical Research and Training in 2015, Kristin held positions as an educator for medical device and pharmaceutical companies. She is currently an adjunct instructor for the University of North Dakota Nurse Practioner program. Her patient care experience encompasses critical care, occupational medicine and chronic kidney disease. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of South Dakota, Masters in Nursing from the University of South Carolina and is a board certified Adult and Gerontological Nurse Practioner. Kristin has numerous scientific publications and clinical awards to her credit.

About ProLung, Inc.

ProLung’s mission is to make a difference in time for lung cancer patients. ProLung is the world leader in innovative predictive analytics technology and non-invasive tests for the risk stratification of lung cancer. The Company develops, tests, and commercializes solutions which may shorten the time to diagnosis and expand the therapeutic window for lung cancer patients. ProLung’s predictive analytics platform for lung cancer risk stratification is approved for sale in the European Economic Area and investigational use in the USA.

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