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March 2018


Avalon Life Discusses Its Dynamic Progress and Cryptocurrency Boom in Asia


By Avalon Life

SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA / ACCESSWIRE / March 24, 2018 / As the interest in cryptocurrencies has become a global phenomenon, individuals are mainly attracted to the novel features of this way of conducting transactions, such as decentralization, low transaction fees, and immediate settlements. The Asian market is unique and has a very young population, with great potential in terms of technical competency in a vast range of technologies, highly advanced communication, and problem-solving skills. The continent is also marked by a spectrum of economic diversity, with advanced participants such as Japan, China, Singapore, and developing countries like India, and Sri Lanka. Technological development is also reflected here as interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is especially high in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and India. Having entered the Asian market in August 2017, Avalon Life‘s projects were met with high motivation and great enthusiasm by interested parties from the very beginning. Especially with sustainability projects such as Greenearth for saving the rainforests in Costa Rica halfway across the globe from deforestation, proving that environmental protection and saving the planet is a universal concern.

The road of Avalon Life in Asia has been marked by numerous milestones, such as the Great Convention Meet held in Vietnam to spread the vision and Mission of Avalon Life in August 2017 and the Greenearth promotion program that took place the during November 2017, which was met with great attention by numerous investors interested in social responsibility and environmental sustainability. The year finished off on a high note, with the Avalon Life Leader Summit in Vietnam in December 2017, where many more opportunities were discussed to enhance the forthcoming projects of Avalon Life in 2018.

Education on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is the chief objective of Avalon Life and interested parties around the world are invited to join at a location in their vicinity, such as every week in downtown Bangkok, where training sessions are conducted on a weekly basis by Christian Skoglund, Avalon Life Director Asia. Entry is free, as the number of those entering the world of cryptocurrencies is steadily increasing. Development of Asian markets is crucial in moving towards mass adoption, also in terms of retail.

Based in Costa Rica, Avalon Life offers in-depth cryptocurrency education and innovative blockchain solutions. The company’s product development places a focus on environmental sustainability while merging new technology with an objective to foster social responsibility. In order to broaden participation with the alternative currency market, Avalon Life created a referral marketing program, and later became the first provider to introduce mining packages with the X11 algorithm. Fueled by the fast evolution of blockchain technology, the company has cultivated strategic partnerships around the globe, and today offers unique blockchain products in numerous sectors within the industry. Their business model provides partners with extensive training, the opportunity for measured engagement in digital currency markets, and access to exclusive products. Avalon Life is also the exclusive distributor of Greenearth.

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