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The Tri-Cities do a Double Take


The Tri-Cities do a Double Take

Canada’s cheekiest window cleaning brand to hit city streets

Calgary, Alberta (FSCwire) – CANADA’S SILICON VALLEY IS WIRED FOR WINDOWS. CLEAN ONES! As the land of opportunity and innovation, Ontario’s Kitchener-Waterloo region represent a wide open window for any business that helps busy, inspired people. That’s why, North America’s cheekiest window-cleaning brand, Men In Kilts, is opening its newest franchise location to serve Kitchener-Waterloo. Canada’s busiest and smartest people can also experience the superior customer service, professionalism and lighthearted vibe that Men In Kilts brings to the world of exterior building maintenance for homes and commercial properties alike. “People who live and work in Kitchener or Waterloo are among Canada’s most industrious and highly educated,” says Rich Stuart, entrepreneur and Franchise Partner of the newly minted KW franchise location. “We are home to a strong industrial core, up-and-coming tech sector and two of Canada’s largest universities. People here are busy, unique and at the forefront of change.”

“I found out about Men In Kilts while investigating a competing franchise system and noticed that Men In Kilts had been growing their franchise network in Southern Ontario, but didn’t have a location in the Tri-Cities.” He decided to do something about that. “I watched Men In Kilts featured on season 11 of CBC’s hit show, Dragons’ Den, and was lured by the “power of the kilt” and began to do some research. My decision was cemented over the next couple of months as I talked to other franchise partners who were excited about the brand and what they were doing in their own markets.

When asked “What made you decide to start a franchise with Men In Kilts? “My decision to start a franchise is very much related to my decision to start my own business. I knew I wanted to do something entrepreneurial, but I had no previous experience with launching and growing a business, creating a great brand, or marketing. With Men In Kilts, I am able to benefit from the amazing support provided by franchise services. For me, the decision to go with Men In Kilts over other franchise opportunities came down to one word – trust. I very quickly felt a strong degree of trust with Men In Kilts that I did not feel with other franchise companies. I feel that Men In Kilts is as invested in my success as I am.”

Chris Carrier, CEO of Men In Kilts says, “Having a strong values fit within an organization is key. It’s irrelevant if someone “likes” our values, as the highest level of serving our customers is achieved when we live and breathe those values every day, without even knowing them. It’s not easy to decipher if someone just gets excited by the Men In Kilts brand vs whether or not they understand that our brand is a remarkable tool, to be used in connection with excellent execution on every front. Rich Stuart is a remarkable individual with real world experience and a track record of success. He’s done his homework, seen through the sizzle of competing brands and recognizes what is at the core of Men In Kilts. We are proud of who we are; a unique and fun brand, who take our craft, responsibilities and opportunities very seriously. We know Rich and his team are going to make the Kitchener and Waterloo region proud of their very own, friendly neighbourhood Men In Kilts.”

Men In Kilts offers a range of services that benefits both busy and retired people who need an extra hand. Rich should know – he married a professor who teaches at the University of Waterloo. “She is the smartest person I know,” said Rich. And Rich knows smart people seek services from companies that give just a little something more: window cleaning, eavestrough cleaning, house washing,pressure washing, and even snow removal… all done with a kilt and a smile. Despite the tongue-in-cheek visual appeal of Men In Kilts, the company is serious about customer service and quality work. It’s our people and our commitment to our customers that leads to customers for life.

“My philosophy is, if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers,” Rich says. “We will do everything in our power to provide an excellent customer experience.”

If you’re in need of some help, Rich and his teams are hitting the streets this spring to scrub, scour, and squeegee your home or business to squeaky-clean perfection. If you’re just hoping to catch an eyeful on a windy day, keep a look out for the friendly neighborhood Men In Kilts’ green tartan trucks driving around your neighbourhood. But just remember… No Peeking!


The Men In Kilts franchise is rapidly expanding in cities throughout North America. This is due to what franchise leaders refer to as the Power of the Kilt. It represents the lasting impression when customers experience quality service provided by green kilt-wearing technicians. It encompasses the memorability of large tartan touting technicians and trucks and, of course, the Clean Guarantee.

Men In Kilts was started in 2002 by Nicholas Brand, the son of a Scottish immigrant, who fashioned a hand-sewn kilt and put a visual to the otherwise faceless window cleaner. The first franchise operation to open was in Victoria, BC and by 2009, the location had grown to over $1 million in annual revenue. In January 2015, after 23 years of running his own multi-million-dollar window cleaning company, Chris Carrier became Men In Kilts’ newest CEO. He bleeds tartan. He’s good with a squeegee. And he’s excited for the opportunity to assist in growing the Men In Kilts brand across North America. With locations across the continent, Men In Kilts continues to grow and to bring smiles to the world… One kilt at a time.

Richard Stuart, Franchise Partner, Kitchener Waterloo:

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