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March 2018
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The Alrai-Netoil-Generctec-CIMC-Enric Consortium Incorporates Dynamic Coin Crypto Currency into Venture


By Dynamic Coin Holding Corporation

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / March 30, 2018 / The Alrai-Netoil-Generctec-CIMC-Enric Consortium has added Dynamic Coin Holding Corporation as a full consortium member. The Dynamic Coin (“DMC”) Crypto Currency has been adopted as its global currency to conduct commerce and will be backed with its oil reserves. The new consortium name shall be The Alrai- Netoil- Genertec- Ccoec- Cimc-Enrich- Namf- Amg:Malta:Lux- Alrai:taesung-DCH Global Consortium.

Dynamic Coin is a digital currency, which provides a stable price base and scalability to the digital marketplace and enables the instant transfer of value and ownership within an organization’s core payments and remittance infrastructure. DMC is pegged to the $1 USD via algorithm. Its prime market making venue is the USD-X.COM, in which the tokens can be bought and sold for $1 USD, providing complete assured liquidity for customers that bought DMC on the USD-X exchange by allowing them to sell the DMC back to the exchange at the full price they paid for it anytime.

Together, with a consortium engaged banks, Alrai-Netoil-Generctec-CIMC-Enric intends to expand this business model to additional international banking channels, also providing a 100% price stability and liquidity guarantee.

This model will enable the Alrai-Netoil-Generctec-CIMC-Enric Consortium to utilize the more than 10 billion DMC to conduct transactions and commerce on a global basis, not previously possible with current digital platforms and crypto currencies, due to the well-documented design and infrastructure issues faced; specifically, speculative price volatility and transactional delays.

The Alrai-Netoil-Generctec-CIMC-Enric Consortium is comprised of the following global industrial leaders:

  • Alrai Group of Companies
  • Renaissance Group Seychelles
  • Orion Banking Group TAJ
  • National Asset Management Fund
  • AMG Malta – Lux-Slovenia
  • Alrai Taesung International
  • Industrial Partnership / AK Trust Investment Management
  • A.R.C. UAE
  • Alrai Taesung UAE
  • CIMC Enric Holdings Ltd.
  • Alrai Capital Group
  • Netoil Inc. Group of Companies
  • Genertec UK Ltd.
  • Group Alrai Holdings UK
  • National Asset Management Funds

Dynamic Coin Holding is part of a financial group comprising of the following organizations:

  • Global Reserve System – a decentralized, autonomous global reserve of crypto currencies
  • Dynamic Coin Holding – the holding company of DMC and distribution arm of the GRS
  • Dynamic Coin Exchange – provider of the DCX global crypto wallet, exchange, and transactional gateway
  • Dynamic Coin Japan K.K. – the provider of banking solutions based on DMC
  • Dynamic Coin Organization – the organization responsible for the development of DMC and its applications

Together, this combined consortium will be capable of extending its global reach and open new frontiers in global commerce and finance. It is obligated to turn DMC into a global commodity backed crypto currency for worldwide use.


Dynamic Coin:

SOURCE: Dynamic Coin Holding Corporation

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