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May 2018


RoseChain Is Planning to Trade Its ICO on Dx.Exchange NASDAQ


By Rose exchange capital LTD

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 19, 2018 / Bombshell news: ‘The world’s first cryptocurrency exchange powered by NASDAQ is set to launch next month., which is powered by NASDAQ’s trading platform, will be a regulated cryptocurrency exchange available through a web app, iOS, and Android.’ There exists a breathtakingly high profit margin in the digital money market. Faced with a huge market with nearly 6 billion USD profits each year, no exchange will choose to turn a blind eye. ‘It’s important to note that DX isn’t partnering with NASDAQ to launch the exchange. This isn’t the cryptocurrency exchange NASDAQ has long been rumored to be launching. Instead, this is an independent cryptocurrency exchange powered by NASDAQ technology – similar to how traditional stock exchanges worldwide use NASDAQ’s technology.’

Digital currency has officially stepped from “non-mainstream” into mainstream.

As a benchmark in the financial market industry, the signals sent by NASDAQ are of extremely important referential significance. Its dynamics will influence traditional financial exchanges on a global scale, which will bring about undeniable incentive effect on world capital market operation. This move indicates the increasing global consensus on cryptocurrency and digital assets and rising acceptability of cryptocurrency and digital assets among people in the world. ”THE ADVANTAGE OF THIS COOPERATION IS THREEFOLD,” EXPLAINED DX EXCHANGE CEO DANIEL SKOWRONSKI IN AN INTERVIEW WITH FINANCEMAGNATES. ”THE BRAND NAME, THE TECHNOLOGY AND THE REGULATIONS.”

The digital currency market will be more normative!

NASDAQ as a stock exchange is a traditional, mainstream, and largest financial trading market system, which makes stronger regulatory compliance and stable transaction environment available for the whole digital currency market. Listing on NASDAQ also facilitates the financing of project parties without worrying about ICO legitimation. NASDAQ is famous for its low market access threshold, which will make more excellent projects known to the world and benefit project implementation. From the perspective of investors, they don’t need to worry about the platform exit problem as NASDAQ is the second largest exchange in the world. Despite of the low market admittance, under strong post-mortem supervision, exchanges have great regulatory power to guarantee investors’ interest. In addition, there are large differences of the transaction expense between the currently active transaction platforms. The launch of the NASDAQ Stock Exchange will simplify the whole investment process and make transactions more transparent. Above advantages are obvious what investors like to see. ‘ Using NASDAQ’s platform will also help DX Exchange meet the highest regulatory standards. NASDAQ’s exchange eliminates errors like double count trading. It will also prevent fake volumes.’

A new round of fortune storm–RoseChain is coming

It is reported that DX will provide a simple process of access to digital currency transactions without charging any transaction fees. Top six cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bit Cash and Ethereum will be launched in the first phase of the platform operation, 20-25 currencies will be launched in the second phase. As the first decentralization platform based on blockchain technology, the decentralization platform can achieve stem cell medical globalization and stem cell cosmetology globalization. Rosechain is one of them. RoseChain, as the top seed in the blockchain field in 2018, has been fully acknowledged by many industry giants. By then, Rose Chain is doing all effort to its commercial mode and planing to be listed on the second phase cryptocurrencies of DX Exchange. Through mining machine capacity conbines stem cell medical cosmetology commercial applications circulation and NASDAQ transactions, Rose Chain will become a hard-to-get coin.

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