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June 2018
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Celebrity Casino Holding Company Disrupts Industry Investment Paradigm


By Gary Green Gaming, Inc.

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA / ACCESSWIRE / June 7, 2018 / A celebrity casino company’s unique partnering with an Indian Tribe’s enterprise arm is opening new economic development doors for other Tribes seeking financial independence. At the same time, the business model creates a viable alternative to the barriers-to-entry typically associated with the casino gaming sector.

Gary Green Gaming™ Inc., headed by pioneering gaming transaction attorney Buddy J. Levy and casino-industry celebrity Gary Green, has launched the originating project in a partnership with the Willapa Bay Enterprise Corporation, the economic development arm of the Tokeland Washington based Shoalwater Bay Indian Tribe. As a result, this summer the Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe, rurally nestled in the North Cascades Mountain Range, is realizing their longtime dream of owning and operating their own casino.

“We have joined in this partnership to facilitate these amazing Tribe-to-Tribe ventures both as a labor of love assisting struggling Tribes, but also to disrupt the landscape in favor of smaller and mid-market investors hungry for the gambling industry,” explained Gary Green, who is the star of the network television series “Casino Rescue” and author of the bestselling book “Osceola’s Revenge ― the Phenomena of Indian Casinos.” Green is also a former vice-president for Donald Trump’s casinos.

“Sovereign nation helping sovereign nation; it’s just the right thing to do,” added Johnny Winokur, CEO of Willapa Bay Enterprise Corporation (WBE), and himself a highly-regarded casino operator.

Focusing on OKR (Objectives and Key Results) metrics, Gary Green Gaming™ is a preeminent revenue-generating branding and licensing investment vehicle for the hospitality-entertainment industry. The company portfolio reaches across multiple verticals within the sector (resort-hotel-casino properties, a television program, technology companies, real estate, slot machine companies, etc.), as well as including a variety of fee-based services provided to the industry (including to Indian Tribes).

“Rather than passive involvement in our portfolio, we take ‘hands-on’ control of projects and apply our copyrighted (and patent-pending) operational-marketing-budgeting methodology. When done properly, this is a highly formulaic business,” Green explained.

Combining diverse projects into a portfolio controlling both regulatory and investment-level thresholds for any one project, the company is able to remove the most onerous barriers to entry for new-to-gaming investors while maximizing returns.

“Our methodology has been proven with some of the most successful metrics in the industry. Combined with our Zero-Based-Budgeting system, our operational strategy assures a guaranteed return-on-investment by positing it as an operating expense line-item,” Gary Green elaborated.

This Tribal partnership is the latest of the company’s differentiators and value-added propositions revolving around exploitation of the iconic industry renown of the co-founders and expertise of their team. Already revered within the industry, the brand is expected also to become a widely-recognized consumer brand with the upcoming broadcasts of Gary Green’s new television series.

This week’s construction start of the casino, bingo hall, and café for the Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe is the first of several joint projects between WBE and Gary Green Gaming™, including projects for other Tribes in Arizona, Washington, and California. Gary Green Gaming™ Inc. also has commercial casino development projects underway in Nevada and New Jersey.

“These projects are investments in our team’s expertise and our brand. That portion of our investment paradigm revolves around the (pre-political) Donald Trump model of leveraging and licensing the brand and its perception,” Green concluded.

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SOURCE: Gary Green Gaming, Inc.

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