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June 2018
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OiX Exchange Introduces Two New Features “RiskMinimizer” and “Biometric Security” to Strengthen Security Framework


By Open Investment Exchange

WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / June 14, 2018 / OiX.Global has made huge strides in its security, and two new features, RiskMinimizerTM and Biometric Security, have been added to make security framework even stronger.

OiX.Global (Open Investment Exchange), is a blockchain exchange that, through mandatory self-regulation and thorough Comprehensive due diligence and KYC, is eliminating the chance of fraudulent tokens being listed on the exchange.

As per an estimate, there are 1 in 5 chances that an unregulated ICO token, that customers are investing in, might be a fraud. Now, with OiX. Global, customers can be sure that the token they are investing in is absolutely legit.

OiX.Global Open Investment Exchange is self-Regulated exchange for initial securities offering. As explained by its founder Sinha Santos, “ISO or Initial Securities Offering is a legal ICO or a blockchain IPO.”

OiX.Global is secured by design. OiX Blockchain RiskMinimizerTM is integrated proprietary risk minimization module within OiX. The global platform which reduces the risk for Investors and Promoters alike.

OiX.Global platform is actively monitored both by algorithm and by manual checks. They have designed the platform to be intuitive. It is designed for live detection of any unusual events or triggers aimed to manipulate or subvert the system. For instance, OiX algorithm actively monitors the transactions to ensure scenarios such as pump and dump, are vigorously discouraged.

Speaking about the security initiatives, Sinha Santos said, “We issue Risk Reports if we allow any token to be on board while one or the other checks was not possible for any other reason whatsoever. This is the equivalent of Risk Factors as outlined generally in the IPO prospectus.”

OiX.Global platform is inherently designed with data security in mind. One of their crowning achievements is that biometric security is designed natively within OiX.Global Exchange. This enables integrated biometric security for System Admins and users as well.

The platform is aligned with several compliance requirements in different regions. It also follows several compliance standards required by US Federal Government such as NIST, FedRamp, GLBA etc.

The latest addition of RiskMinimizerTM and Biometric has enhanced the security to a level that rivals the likes of established exchanges in non-blockchain domains. It was also revealed by Sinha Santos that two more upcoming exchanges have shown a keen interest in adopting ISO as their token listing standard and more information on this will be given out soon.

Those interested can visit to access more information about the company.

SOURCE: Open Investment Exchange

ReleaseID: 502724