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June 2018
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CCID Public Blockchain Technology Assessment 2nd Issue Released; EOS, Nebulas Were Added to the Global Index


By CCID Group

SHANGHAI, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / June 20, 2018 / Today, CCID, the research institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information of China, announced the list of projects that comprises of its Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index, 2nd edition. The updated index added two more public blockchain projects to its original list of 28, now includes EOS and Nebulas.

Under the inclusion criteria and methodologies set forth as part of the first release, the current issue of the Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index does not accept nominations from the general public. Instead, CCID‘s assessment team selects all appropriated public blockchain projects to be considered based on its sole discretion. CCID will soon establish a formal application channel in August to accept nominations from any public blockchain development teams.

From publicly available information, CCID assessment team concluded that EOS introduces a new operating-system-like blockchain infrastructure that is designed from the ground up to enable the commercialization of decentralized applications, both for horizontal scalability in terms of transaction performance and its vertical usability in a variety of industrial applications. Because of EOS’s potential to support a vast amount of commercial distributed applications, it is widely considered to be the emblem of the Blockchain 3.0. The main network of EOS‘s public blockchain was formally launched on the evening of June 10th.

CCID also recognizes that Nebulas is a next-generation public blockchain that strives to provide a new value-proposition for the blockchain ecosystem through its forward-thinking incentive and consensus mechanism, which rewards devoted Nebulas developers and community contributors. Nebulas is also developing a self-evolving upgrade mechanism that is forking-proof. The founder and CEO of Nebulas, Mr. Yiji Xu, was the former director of the Ant Financial‘s blockchain platform, a pision of Alibaba’s financial arm. Nebulas main-net was completed and went live in March of this year.

The Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index work was organized by CCID (Qingdao) Blockchain Research Institute. The result of this assessment will be published monthly. June marks the first time that CCID releases the assessment result offline. The release was part of the “In the Teeth of the Storm, Next Super Chain” blockchain forum, which is also sponsored by CCID (Qingdao) blockchain research institute.

This public event was held at the Shanghai Science Hall on June 20th, 2018. As the exclusive global media organization for the publication of the assessment index and one of the organizers of the event, Shanghai Unifive, Ltd. invited experts in the field for a panel discussion of the results and unveiled some interesting behind the scene stories.



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