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June 2018
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‘Food Desert’ Amendment Proposed By Fawell


By Northwest IL 17th Congressional District

Amendment Will Have A Major Impact In Helping Economically Challenged Neighborhoods Attract Grocery Stores

GALENA, IL / ACCESSWIRE / June 21, 2018 / In another unprecedented proposal, Bill Fawell, the Republican nominee for the 17th Congressional District in Illinois, released his second sponsored legislation today, the Food Desert Act.

Food Deserts have been defined by the U.S.D.A. as those economically challenged urban and rural communities where fruits, vegetables and whole and unprocessed foods are unavailable for sale in the community at large. While they predominate in the southeastern United States stretching into rural and urban environments alike, they are found in many urban areas across America.

”I am adding to my legislation program, if elected to the Congress in November, an addendum to the U.S. Tax Code governing Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts,” Fawell said.

”I propose a key but simple fix to include locating a grocery store in a U.S.D.A.-labeled ‘Food Desert,’ into the same category that mining enjoys, which is an automatic qualification in creating a TIF District. This will shorten both time and cost barriers to building a full service grocery store and will facilitate a faster solution to the Food Deserts phenomena,” said Fawell.

”I was visiting the ‘Bottom of the Hill’ neighborhood’s in Peoria for Juneteenth and I was confronted by every man woman and child, pleading for a grocery store. How simple is this request?” Fawell asked.

”It’s something most people take for granted, but for the economically oppressed in a bountiful America, I find the concept of Food Deserts totally unacceptable. This simple amendment to our federal tax code will make a big impact in resolving this problem.”

Fawell’s addendum will also include a size limit of 4 acres to prevent this amendment from being abused to accommodate other unintended projects.

”With a tax code that spans over 75,000 pages tailored to every lobbyists demands, I don’t think this small amendment to help those least able to buy a lobbyist is too much to ask, especially as it doesn’t require new public spending, but serves as a key incentive to alleviate this abandonment of our fellow citizens.”

Fawell is the Republican candidate in the 17th Congressional District of Illinois running against the 3-term Congresswoman and Co-Chair of the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee, Cheri Bustos.

Go to to support his campaign and to review his earlier endorsement of what Fawell calls Liberty Legislation: 1) Term Limits, 2) the REINS Act, which restores the powers to make laws back to our Congress and away from federal agencies, and 3) HR 24/S 26, the Federal Reserve Bank Transparency Act and an audit of the Fed; view his explanations on Youtube at; at; on Twitter @billfawell; or to check the link to the blog page.

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