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June 2018
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Natren Probiotics Hosts Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony To Unveil Company’s Thousand Oaks Manufacturing Plant


By SSA Public Relations

State-Of-The-Art 36,000 Square Foot Facility to Formulate and Process Natren’s Gold Standard Probiotics for Global Distribution

THOUSAND OAKS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 21, 2018 / Natren Probiotics ( hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony unveiling its all-new state-of-the-art Thousand Oaks-based manufacturing facility on Thursday, June 21. Attending the event were Thousand Oaks city officials, including Thousand Oaks Councilmember Claudia Bill-de la Peña who presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Natren founder-principals Natasha and Yordan Trenev. Representatives from the medical industry and local retailers were in attendance for the event.

Natasha Trenev, Yordan Trenev, Thousand Oaks City Councilmember Claudia Bill-de la Peña

Established in 1982 by developmental scientist Natasha Trenev and husband Yordan Trenev, Natren has established itself as the pioneering leader within the burgeoning field of Probiotics, a term meaning for life. Widely recognized as the Mother of Probiotics, Natasha Trenev introduced the word probiotic to the world as a dietary supplement category in the early 1980s.

The newly enlarged 36,000 square foot manufacturing plant will serve as the exclusive manufacturing home for Natren’s probiotics, providing the company’s acclaimed proprietary full-culture and freeze-drying procedure that preserves and protects the strains of bacteria that make up each of Natren’s industry-leading probiotic products. More than six years in the making, Natren’s manufacturing facility heralds a new era for the company as it enters its 36th year of operation. By creating its own cultures, Natren continues to raise the bar in probiotics manufacturing by taking control over the probiotics and ensuring that consumers receive the highest possible quality and most effective strains.

Probiotics are live microorganisms that are commonly referred to as “friendly”, “good”, or “healthy” bacteria that function to help maintain the natural balance of microorganisms in the intestine. Natren selects only the most scientifically researched species and strains, and will process its probiotics in the company’s new pristine manufacturing plant where probiotic strains will be nurtured and manufactured for survivability all the way until our product is ingested. Unique to Natren, the company’s method of fermenting, processing, encapsulating storing and shipping makes the company’s probiotics vastly superior to others in the market.

Natren Unveils Production Facility

“Our new plant takes Natren to the next level in service and capability. In addition to expanding Natren’s probiotic production capacity by 5000%, our wholly-owned and operated fermentation plant will allow us to expand our reach so that more people can benefit from our quality probiotic products,” said Natasha Trenev.

For 15 generations, Natasha’s family has been at the forefront of probiotics-infused yogurt. When Natasha moved from Europe to America nearly six decades ago, she helped introduce the timeless probiotics health category to her new country through its line of yogurt products. After graduating from UCLA, Natasha joined the family business full-time where she helped develop honey-sweetened and fruit-flavored custom probiotic yogurts with rich bacterial strains. Her family’s business marketed its yogurt product loaded with good bacteria to health food stores, actually convincing retailers to invest in refrigeration in order to insure proper storage of their fresh yogurt containing live cultures. This was the beginning of Natasha developing the first probiotic supplement, which ultimately led to her founding Natren along with her husband Yordan.

“Only Natren carefully chooses our probiotic cultures as well as researches, formulates and manufactures industry standard probiotics in our new plant. Only Natren utilizes a proprietary, specially-formulated oil matrix to protect probiotic bacteria to survive until they reach their destination in the upper small intestine. This is why only Natren is the most trusted probiotic supplement on the market. Truly, where other probiotic supplements promise – Natren Delivers,” added Natasha.


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