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June 2018


Bitfair Provides a Simple Way to Limit Risks, Trade with Leverage and Earn Skyrocketing Return


By Bitfair

AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / June 29, 2018 / Bitfair, a Trading platform with the features capable of making it an upcoming generation thing, is about to launch (Pre-sale start date – July 9th, 2018). The platform allows its users to limit risks, trade with leverage and increase the returns. Ease of use and up to 1000X leverage are the main attention-grabbing aspects about Bitfair.

Let us brief you on what it is, how it works, how reliable it is and how capable it is.

What is Bitfair?

Bitfair is an OTC derivative exchange that allows the traders of the cryptocurrency to trade up to 1000X leverage. The Bitfair trading helps in making a profit during both up and down price movements of their favorite cryptocurrencies.

How Bitfair Works?

On this platform, all the traders get a chance for placing orders not for a single token but for different kinds of tokens in multiple Smart Option Contract trading indentures. The execution of this SOC trades will be implemented automatically, if, at any time, the up or down price is reached. Either during the contract period or at its expiry. As soon as the preset conditions are met, Bitfair will trigger and execute the trade. After this process, the funds will be dispersed to the profitable trader.

Is it Reliable?

This noble and exciting platform is a reliable platform for all traders trading in cryptocurrency that assists in removing all the issues that are related to real-time trading in a market. It allows overcoming all problems that are associated with traditional trading by using a peer-to-peer matching algorithm. Traders will have the ability to buy or short thus potentially profiting during up or down movement of a token price.

With this platform, the trader will get an opportunity to open both buy or short position orders for a variety of tokens at an astonishing 1000X leverage- which is about 10 times more than most of the exchanges and that too without the requirement of any broker.

Benefits of trading through Bitfair

1. Peer to peer trading

Because of Bitfair, you will get an opportunity to do peer to peer trading for your investments in cryptocurrency. No matter whether there is up or down movement of prices, traders always have the ability to profit.

2. Smart option contract

All the trade results are time stamped and are always published in SOC or smart option contract.

3. Indisputable proof

All the details of trading are recorded and are accessible with the help of public blockchain explorer.

4. Sale of token

All the users of the Bitfair platform possess the right to make pre-purchase of their Bitfair utility token and the token itself is tradable on the Bitfair exchange. All the fees of trading on Bitfair will be paid in XBF tokens whilst 50% is then burned by Bitfair when used.

Above points conclude into ‘Trading in Bitfair platform helps in doing trading with minimum risks, and maximum returns’, as experts believe.

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