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August 2018


HealthSnap Announces Complimentary 30-Day Trial of Lifestyle Management Platform


By HealthSnap

Innovative Management Platform Helps Healthcare Providers Visualize and Interpret Patient Lifestyle Data at Scale

MIAMI, FL / ACCESSWIRE / August 21, 2018 / HealthSnap is pleased to announce the launch of a 30-day free trial of their Lifestyle Management Platform, allowing healthcare providers a risk-free opportunity to explore and experience this transformative platform.

HealthSnap was launched by experts in exercise physiology and nutrition who are devoted to using exercise, nutrition and behavioral data science to help prevent chronic disease. With this in mind, HealthSnap’s Lifestyle Management Platform was designed and created as the first centralized platform to help physicians interpret lifestyle data from their patients at scale.

HealthSnap’s mission is to bridge the gap between lifestyle and medicine, noted HealthSnap Co-Founder Samson Magid. By connecting the pieces of prevention using lifestyle data, HealthSnap empowers health professionals and patients to make proactive healthcare choices.

”Healthcare providers rarely have the time to discuss lifestyle behaviors with their patients and if they do there are unfortunately no platforms that help them collect or interpret lifestyle data in a scalable way,” Magid said. ”Our mission from day one has always been to use modern technology to bridge the gap between lifestyle and medicine.”

Nearly 200 healthcare providers around the country currently are already benefitting from HealthSnap’s Lifestyle Management Platform, from MDs and DOs to Registered Dietitians, Chiropractors, Health Clubs, and Corporate Wellness Providers.

With its new 30-day free trial, HealthSnap hopes to empower healthcare professionals who have a personal passion for lifestyle-related chronic disease prevention over treatment to more easily implement lifestyle medicine in their practice. To learn more about this innovative platform and sign up for a free 30-day trial, please visit

About HealthSnap:

HealthSnap was formed by experts in exercise physiology and nutrition who have a passion to use exercise, nutrition, and behavioral data science to prevent chronic disease. HealthSnap’s Lifestyle Management Platform, powered by proprietary technology invented at the University of Miami, is the first centralized platform specifically designed to help healthcare providers scale and interpret lifestyle data in their practice. For more information, please visit

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