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August 2018


WNDM Medical Inc. Announces the Publication of an Unsponsored, Prospective, Randomized, Controlled, Clinical Trial That Demonstrated the Clinical Benefits of CellerateRX(R) Surgical Activated Collagen(R) Peptides


By WNDM Medical Inc.

FORT WORTH, TX / ACCESSWIRE / August 21, 2018 / WNDM Medical Inc. (OTCQB: WNDM) today announced the publication of a journal article in Orthopedics: ”The Effects of Platelet-Rich Plasma and Activated Collagen on Wound Healing in Primary Total Joint Arthroplasty” by David Evans, BA and Bruce Evans, MD. This study examined whether two wound additives, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and activated collagen (CellerateRX Surgical), would improve postoperative wound healing and reduce complications after total knee or hip replacement surgery.

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, WNDM Medical Inc. (WNDM) has a management team in place with significant healthcare industry experience that is committed to sales growth by providing efficacious products to improve patient outcomes.

Key Points from the Publication

• This was an unsponsored, institutional review board (IRB)-approved, prospective, randomized, single-blinded, controlled study with three cohorts of 30 patients each:

1. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)
2. Activated collagen (CellerateRX® Surgical Activated Collagen® Peptides Powder)
3. Control (no treatment)

• The study reported three important findings:

1. Both PRP and CellerateRX Surgical led to statistically significant improvement in erythema, swelling and drainage
2. The total postoperative complication rate was statistically significantly lower in both the PRP and CellerateRX Surgical groups compared to the control group
3. Total blood loss during the first 48 hours was statistically significantly less when either PRP or CellerateRX Surgical were applied to the surgical wound

• CellerateRX Surgical is a less expensive and easier to use alternative to PRP.

Final Conclusion

• CellerateRX Surgical and PRP may be considered when blood loss and wound healing have been problematic for high-risk patients:

– High body mass index
– Diabetes
– Anemia

”This is a landmark study demonstrating the positive clinical outcomes of using CellerateRX Surgical Peptides to manage postoperative wound healing,” said Robert K. Mart, Vice President, Marketing. ”PRP is a commonly used surgical treatment that has been shown to promote wound healing. In fact, there are hundreds of publications on the benefits of PRP. This independent study found that CellerateRX Surgical was as effective as PRP and provided statistically significantly improved outcomes as compared to no wound care adjuvant.”

”We have had a tremendous response from our sales team and distributor network to this study,” said Zach B. Fleming, Vice President, Sales. ”We have already provided training to ensure our sales teams understand the study and know how to appropriately discuss these results with clinicians. This will definitely help us achieve our goal of expanding the use of CellerateRX Surgical to benefit many more patients.”

About WNDM Medical Inc.

With its No. 1 goal of improving patient outcomes, WNDM Medical Inc. develops, markets and distributes biotechnology products to physicians, hospitals, and clinics. It has a strong history of developing long-term strategic partnerships with a focus on products that fuse nature and science with medicine. Its primary products are in the $11 billion U.S. consumable medical device market and the $1.5 billion biomaterials market. WNDM Medical sells and distributes CellerateRX®/CRXα® Surgical Activated Collagen® Adjuvant and HemaQuell® Resorbable Bone Hemostat. For more information, visit

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