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April 2019


”CONNECT CUSTOMERS WITH THE WORLD” O’MALL Brand Strategy Summit Was Successfully Held in Korea Station



SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA / ACCESSWIRE / April 2, 2019 / On March 26th, the ”Selective goods to the globe” O’MALL Brand Strategy Summit Korea Station was grandly opened at the Hilton Hotel in Seoul. The summit attracted JAYJUN, Aekyung, AHC and many other well-known Korean brands and their executives to attend, and the summit was full of surprises.

Strategically works in Korea for more quality goods

One of the first overseas warehouses and branches of O’MALL lie in Korea.

Brain Kim, general manager of Onion Korea Branch, said that after several years of development, Korea Branch has gotten a return. Firstly, warehouse in Seoul has been built as a high standard warehouse logistics system equipped with 20 thousand square meters. Secondly, members of professional purchase team have increased from 3 to 50 . What’s more, Korea Branch has reached a co-operation with more than 300 Korean preeminent brands to ensure that all products are local and directly delivered to consumers.

More importantly, trade volume of Korea Branch keeps a rapid growth. In 2017, trade amount between Onion and Korea has exceeded 50 million US dollars and is awarded ” The US $20 million Export Tower Award” by South Korean President Mr.Moon Jae-in. In 2019, it is estimated to reach 100 million US Dollars.

O’MALL – A perfect platform for overseas purchasing transformation

As we all known, the implementation of the E-Commerce Law has brought tremendous impact to the global overseas purchaser, and the same for the South Korean. For the transformation of South Korean procurement services, Deng Lijie, general business manager of O-cloud, indicated a better way for the overseas purchasing after analyzing the operation mode of O’MALL at the summit.

Deng said that O’MALL is the first one in China to redefine social retailing and create a new retailing mode – M2S (Made to Social). This kind of mode built on the system of O’MALL. With the individual as the carrier, every user can become a promoter of the product to omit the redundant circulation. Therefore, consumers can buy products with the better price which is closed to the cost. By the end of 2018, O’MALL has attracted 500,000 social online retailing sellers, and is expected to grow to 800,000 in 2019.

O’MALL – Selective goods to the globe

With the vision of ”Connect customers with the world”, O’MALL has developed rapidly in recent years not only due to its unique operating method and philosophy, but also due to its global supply chain system as well as the professional commodity team.

During the summit, Karen Zhen, vice general manager of the O’MALL Commodity Center, said O’MALL has always committed to selecting qualified goods from all over the world for the customers, with more than 5000 brands and 350,000 goods gathered since established. Furthermore, strategic cooperation has been achieved with numerous international brands, such as Nestle, Mead Johnson, Wyeth, as well as some national brands like Cheong Kwan Jang, Mediheal, including AHC, JAYJUN, Amore and Aekyung, which are popular with Chinese consumers..

Self-purchasing & operating as well as self-built oversea warehouses, supply chains and logistic systems are what O’MALL sticks to, said Karen. Besides, ten cooperation warehouses have been set up in Japan, Korea, Europe, America, Asia and so on by far, with a 25,000 square meters of constant-temperature central issuing warehouse in Hong Kong and 29 comprehensive channels for import & export customs clearance worldwide, which indeed fulfill ”Selective goods to the globe”.


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