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April 2019
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Liberty Auto Protection Providing Peace of Mind for Americans


By Liberty Auto Protection

OCEAN, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / April 20, 2019 / Liberty Auto Protection is one of the nation’s leading providers of extended service plans for vehicle owners. As most vehicle owners have experienced the stress of unexpected and costly vehicle repairs, companies like Liberty Auto Protection have made a business out of providing clients with the comfort of knowing their vehicles and pocketbooks are protected. Whether it is a basic or comprehensive coverage plan you are looking for, Liberty Automotive Protection has a variety of plans designed to meet the needs of a variety of clients.

Why Choose Liberty Automotive Protection?

While there is no shortage of extended service plan providers to choose from, there is a wide variance in plans and service. Liberty Automotive Protection has helped set the industry standard by providing their clients with a wide variety of service plans for affordable prices and delivered with premium-quality customer service. While the coverage plans vary on what services and parts are covered, all Liberty Auto protection plans include car rentals, roadside assistance, trip-interruption protection, transferable coverage, national coverage, and an unlimited amount of claims.

Liberty Automotive Protection can provide you with a free quote by filling out user-friendly form on their website. Your local Liberty Auto Protection address can also be found on the website if you prefer to do your research in person. You can choose between the Select, Engine, Powertrain, and Powertrain Enhanced coverage plans.

Select Coverage Plan

The Select coverage plan is recommended for those wanting a comprehensive full-coverage policy that protects a vehicle’s most important components. Recommended for newer vehicles, the Select coverage plan includes the engine, turbo charger, transmission, drive axles, transaxle, electrical, steering, suspension, brakes, air conditioning, electronics, sliding doors, GPS, and more.

Engine Coverage Plan

The Engine coverage plan is ideal for older vehicles as it protects against costly engine repairs that are most common in higher-mileage vehicles. This plan is ideal for vehicle owners that want the peace of mind of knowing their vehicle’s engine is protected for a minimal expense, and all internally-lubricated engine parts are included.

Powertrain Coverage Plan

The Powertrain coverage plan protects some of the vehicle’s components that sustain the most wear and tear throughout its lifespan, that happen to be some of the most costly to repair. This coverage plan is ideal for newer vehicles that are still under the manufacturer’s warranty and whose owner plans to continue driving the vehicle after the expiration of the warranty. This coverage plan includes the internally-lubricated engine parts, drive axles, and the transmission.

Enhanced Powertrain Coverage Plan

The Enhanced Powertrain coverage plan includes the vehicle’s engine, drive axles, and transmission. In addition to including everything the powertrain coverage plan does, the Enhanced Powertrain coverage also covers the electrical and air conditioning.

When it comes time to invest in an extended service plan, putting a call into the Liberty Auto Protection phone number can help get you on the road to peace of mind and vehicle protection. Vehicle owners know how stressful and expensive vehicle repairs can be. Extended service plans help protect against the most common repairs that vehicle owners are most likely to face based on their driving habits, vehicle types, and budgetary needs. Through premium-quality customer service, basic to comprehensive coverage plans, and affordable rates, Liberty Auto Protection has built up a solid reputation and has become an industry leader. From the Select, Engine, Powertrain, and Powertrain Enhanced coverage plans, clients are provided with extended service plans that come with the additional benefits of unlimited claims, roadside assistance, car rentals, transferable coverage, and nationwide coverage. Having a Liberty Auto Protection plan on your side can greatly ease the stress-related side of vehicle ownership.

SOURCE: Liberty Auto Protection

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