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July 2019


Thinking of Taking a Course in Investing?


By Press Works

Learn why thousands trust trade guru Nikk Legend for guidance.

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / July 5, 2019 / If you have spent any time looking for a course on trading or investing, you know there are too many programs to count.

In fact, a quick Google search with the words “investment courses” turns up millions of results, with companies pitching everything from one-day on-line courses to a week-long seminar at some exotic resort in Honolulu.

The time required just to sift through a few dozen of the programs is enough to discourage many from even trying to sign up for an investment course. It quickly becomes clear that one of the first challenges — when deciding that you’re finally going to follow through on that plan to take control of your future wealth — is figuring out which program is best suited for you.

The Trade Academy focuses on distinguishing itself among the crowded field of investing programs by adhering to one basic principle: make the entire learning process as practical as possible.

“Learning to master the ins and outs of investing and trading doesn’t have to be a complicated process,” says Trade Academy founder Nikk Legend. “The fundamentals you need to be successful in this business are essentially the same skills you need to succeed in life. All of our programs were developed with that in mind, which makes it easier to learn and apply the things we teach in our courses.”

The crux of the Trade Academy’s approach is centered on making sure all of their programs provide students with adequate time to learn all the skills they need to succeed at investing.

The Trade Academy’s first-tier training program, which focuses on simple profit trading methods, took six years to create. A major part of that development process involved simplifying all those years of experience into some easy-to-follow steps, which can be a resourceful tool for a beginning investor or a more seasoned trader.

In addition, the Trade Academy offers a more comprehensive in-person mentorship training program that features live lessons, quizzes, and instruction from a number of experienced experts in the field.

The overall goal, explains Nikk, is to create a learning structure that meets each individual at their own comfort level when it comes to trading and investing, be it online or in a one-on-one session. “Everyone has a different level of experience that they bring to investing, even as beginners in the business,” says Nikk. “Some might be familiar with some of the terminology used in trading, while others might have no idea what an ROI is,” says Legend. “We’ve taken all these things into consideration when developing our programs.”

But does the Trade Academy’s unique approach really work? Apparently so, if all the personal testimonials are any indication of how the programs measure up.

Ryan Schumm, who works as a business analyst in Denver, says the Trade Academy helped him learn all the ins and outs of investing, from A to Z, which has helped improve his quality of life. “This is the real deal,” says Schumm. “They are really knowledgeable at what they’re doing. Not only are they trying to help you profit, but they’re also helping you try to become a better person.”

“I’d tried multiple videos and teachings,” says another who took one of the academy’s live instructional courses in California. “This is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I got more than what I expected. The level of understanding and the value that I got out of the classes is just insane.”

Jon Morales, an officer, says Legend’s highly personal approach to the process makes the information easier to digest. “Instead of rushing through anything, he’ll actually takes the time to go over any kind of charts, go over any kind of issues, go over any kind of questions that you might have,” says Morales.

Nikk, who frequently shares some of his personal motivational on his personal website,, says he is always looking for ways to improve the academy’s programs.

“Feedback is an important part of our ongoing program development,” contends the entrepreneur. “We are always looking at ways we can make it easier and more seamless for people to win at investing and trading. That’s one of the things that makes our work really exciting.”


SOURCE: Press Works

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