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CanAlaska Announces De Beers Completes KIM Sampling at West Athabasca

By CanAlaska Uranium Ltd. VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2016 / CanAlaska Uranium Ltd. (TSXV: CVV) (OTCQB: CVVUF) (FSE: DH7N), is pleased to report that De Beers’ exploration team has collected over 100 samples for kimberlite indicator mineral (KIM) processing from the West Athabasca project. The samples of glacial gravels were collected from […]

The Quest for an Effective Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer

By The Wealthy Venture Capitalist WINDSOR, ON / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2016 / The Wealthy Biotech Trader (or “WBT”), an investment newsletter focused on showing everyday investors new opportunities in rapidly growing, little-known, biotech, pharma and medical device stocks making news and subsequent market moves, would like to highlight a couple of companies that we […]

Will Medical Marijuana Take Biotech Stocks To A New High?

By The Wealthy Venture Capitalist WINDSOR, ON / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2016 / If marijuana brings words like smoke, pot, weed and grass to your mind, it’s time to change that picture to medicine, cure and relief. For the medical marijuana industry, what comes to mind are words like high sales, profit growth potential […]

Alpha Brainwaves for Relaxation Delivered by Alpha Ball

By Alpha Ball Alpha Ball Is a New Alpha Brainwave Generator That Coaxes User’s Brainwaves into Alpha, Reportedly Increasing Creativity and Relaxation LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2016 / During deep relaxation, meditation, or when one’s attention is in the present moment, the brain goes into what’s called an “Alpha state.” This […]

Auxellence Announces Sponsored Research on Autonomous Medical Care Opportunities for the TULIP™ Online Health System

By Auxellence Health Corporation VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2016 / Auxellence Health Corporation (CSE: AID, OTCQB: AXHLF) (“Auxellence” or the “Company”) announces the start of a sponsored research program undertaken by the company’s operator with a major university to evaluate TULIP™ efficacy in normalizing body weight, blood pressure, and blood glucose levels […]

IBIA Endorses Privacy Best Practices for Facial Recognition

By International Biometrics + Identity Association WASHINGTON, DC / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2016 / The International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA), the leading international trade group representing the identification technology industry, announced its support for the best practices for the commercial use of facial recognition technology (FRT) that the Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications […]

Inventor Tony Joseph Piro Announces the Launch of His Camless Motor Project

By Camless Motor Project The Project Involves Removing the Motor’s Camshaft and Replacing It with an Innovative Solenoid Operated System LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2016 / Tony Joseph Piro, an inventor with 15 years’ experience in the automotive industry, is pleased to announce the launch of his Camless Motor Project. As […]

Smart Kitty, Automatic Litter Box for Cats, is Officially Launched

By Smart Kitty The Automatic and Self-Cleaning Litter Box Helps Keep a Cat’s Bathroom Place Clean and Low on Odor, and Alerts the Owner Via an App When the Litter Box’s Container Must Be Emptied LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2016 / Piotr Kielkowski is pleased to announce the launch of his […]

Creative Institute, a K-12 School, Announces Its Launch

By Creative Institute The School’s Mission is to Provide a Great Education to K-12 Students With Disabilities and Challenges ATLANTIC CITY, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2016 / The Creative Institute, a school that focuses on providing children in kindergarten through 12th grade with a quality education, recently announced its launch. Founded by Crystal […]

New Zealand Energy Corp Announces Results of 2016 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

By New Zealand Energy Corp. WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND / ACCESSWIRE / June 22, 2016 / New Zealand Energy Corp. (TSXV: NZ) (“NZEC” or the “Company”) announced today the results of its Annual General Meeting of shareholders held in Wellington, New Zealand on Wednesday 22 June 2016 (NZT). A total of 111,362,202 common shares representing approximately […]