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November 2017
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Advantagewon Oil Corp., Reports the First Sale of Oil from the Rogers and Transue Acreages in LaVernia

Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – November 21, 2017) – Advantagewon Oil Corp. (CSE: AOC) (OTC Pink: ANTGF), (the “Corporation”, “Advantagewon”) is very pleased to report that it has completed the first sales transaction of West Texas Intermediate (“WTI”) oil which was extracted solely from its Rogers and Transue leases in the LaVernia field located in the State of Texas.

In total 390 (Three Hundred and Ninety) barrels of WTI oil was sold to the open market at a price of approximately $50.00 USD per barrel.

Mr. Paul Haber stated: “We are very pleased to have completed our first sale from the Rogers and Transue acreage. We continue to move forward in further developing the LaVernia field, and we continue to build cash flow to which we are still anticipating that the Corporation will become cash flow positive by end of 2017.”

About Advantagewon Oil Corp.

Advantagewon is focused on building consistent cash flow from low cost, low risk oil wells in the State of Texas. AOC applies specialized expertise to increase oil recovery from 10-15% to up to 75% for each well. Once the enhanced recovery strategy is successfully applied, AOC will repeat the process throughout the oil pool to maximize output and minimize cost and risk. For more information please visit

For further information please contact:

Mr. Paul Haber
CEO & Director
Advantagewon Oil Corp.
T: (416) 318-6501

Mr. Frank Kordy
Secretary & Director
Advantagewon Oil Corp.
T: (647) 466-4037

Forward-Looking Statements

Information set forth in this news release may involve forward-looking statements under applicable securities laws. The forward-looking statements contained herein are expressly qualified in their entirety by this cautionary statement. The forward-looking statements included in this document are made as of the date of this document and the Corporation disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, except as expressly required by applicable securities legislation. Although Management believes that the expectations represented in such forward-looking statements are reasonable, there can be no assurance that such expectations will prove to be correct. This news release does not constitute an offer to sell or solicitation of an offer to buy any of the securities described herein and accordingly undue reliance should not be put on such. Neither CSE nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the CSE) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

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UPDATE: Evolution|AI Corporation Announces Shareholder Information Call and Confirms Offer to Purchase Interest in Pulse Evolution Corporation

By Evolution AI

Company Will Provide on Tuesday, November 28, 2017, a Progress Report on Share Exchange Program, Address Commonly Asked Questions and Describe Closing Process for Interested Parties

JUPITER, FL / ACCESSWIRE / November 21, 2017 / Evolution|AI Corporation today reiterated its Offer to purchase up to 150 Million shares of Pulse Evolution Corporation (OTC PINK: PLFX) “restricted” common stock, representing a potential majority interest in the PLFX. The Offer is made, in support of existing management at Pulse Evolution Corporation, only to “accredited investors” who are holders of restricted PLFX common shares, including all debt and equity securities which are convertible into PLFX common shares.

Evolution AI Corporation Shareholder Information Call
Tuesday, 1:00pm, November 28, 2017
Webcast Link:

Submit Questions in Advance to:

Evolution|AI principals will provide a progress report on the share exchange program, which has already been well received by a significant number of large and small Pulse Evolution shareholders. In response to questions submitted in advance of the Shareholder Information Call to the Company’s email address,, Evolution AI will also provide an overview of the rationale for the acquisition effort, an explanation of the reasons such a transaction is likely to be attractive to Pulse shareholders, and a discussion of the Company’s intent to influence the going-forward business plans of Pulse Evolution Corporation. The information call will also provide specific instructions for interested parties to engage in confidential discussions with Evolution|AI Corporation, certify their accredited investor status, and enter into a share exchange agreement, as contemplated by the Offer.

Evolution|AI Corporation is a development stage technology company, formed by Pulse founder John Textor, focused on the adaptation and development of human animation technology to enable diverse artificial intelligence platforms to interact with consumers in the relatable form of a human face. Evolution|AI, which is also a licensee of Pulse Evolution technology, recently acquired a robust portfolio of technology from the legendary visual effects company Digital Domain, representing substantially all of the technology developed in connection with launch and operation of Digital Domain’s Florida animation studio. With the benefit of both the Digital Domain animation and studio technology portfolio, and the market-leading human animation technology licensed from Pulse Evolution Corporation, Evolution|AI is uniquely positioned to be a true pioneer in the globally significant industry that emerging through the deployment of artificially intelligent digital humans in society, commerce and education.

Accredited Investors who are holders of common stock of Pulse Evolution Corporation, including securities which are convertible into such common stock, are encouraged to review the Offer to Purchase, included herein and, if interested, complete the Letter of Transmittal and remit to Questions from such accredited investors, who are current shareholders of Pulse Evolution Corporation, can be directed to

The Offer to Purchase shall remain outstanding until its expiration at 5:00pm on Thursday, November 30, 2017, subject to extension at the discretion of the Evolution|AI Corporation.

About Evolution|AI Corporation

Evolution|AI Corporation is a development stage company focused on the adaptation and development of human animation technology to enable diverse Artificial Intelligence platforms to interact with consumers in the relatable form of a human face. Founded by Mr. John Textor, an established and globally recognized pioneer in the field of hyper-realistic human animation, Evolution|AI intends to develop a robust library of fully functional human faces, and human characters, that will allow people to communicate with leading artificial intelligence platforms, just as they would expect to communicate with another human being.

Our principals have long been market leaders in the emerging virtual human likeness space, and is among the world’s most recognized developers of hyper-realistic digital humans – computer-generated assets that appear to be human and can perform in live shows, virtual reality, augmented reality, holographic, 3D stereoscopic, web, mobile, interactive and artificial intelligence applications. In the last decade, Mr. Textor is responsible for leading the appearance of hyper-realistic digital humans performing in movies such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button or in live concerts, or the virtual performance of digital Tupac Shakur at the 2012 Coachella Valley Music Festival and also Virtual Michael Jackson at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

Evolution|AI, which is also a licensee of Pulse Evolution technology, recently acquired a robust portfolio of technology, acquired from the legendary visual effects company Digital Domain, representing substantially all of the technology developed in connection with launch and operation of Digital Domain’s Florida animation studio. With the benefit of both the Digital Domain animation and studio technology portfolio, and the market-leading human animation technology licensed from Pulse Evolution Corporation, Evolution|AI is uniquely positioned to be a true pioneer in the globally significant industry that emerging through the deployment of artificially intelligent digital humans in society, commerce and education.


Offer to Purchase from Accredited Investors Only
Up to 150,000,000 Shares of RESTRICTED Common Stock of


Evolution|AI Corporation, a Florida Corporation (the “Purchaser”), is offering to purchase, from Accredited Investors Only, up to 150,000,000 outstanding shares of restricted common stock, $0.001 par value, (the “Shares”), of Pulse Evolution Corporation, a Nevada corporation (the “Company”) at a purchase price of $0.62 per Share (the “Offer Price”‘), paid to the seller(s) in the form of restricted common shares of the Purchaser (the “Consideration Shares”), subject to consummation of Purchaser’s contemplated merger into a fully reporting public company (together, the “Purchaser”), upon the terms and subject to the conditions set forth in this Offer to Purchase (the “Offer”). This Offer is subject to other conditions, which are generally set forth in Summary Term Sheet, and shall be more fully set forth in definitive documentation to be executed by and among the parties in connection with the purchase of the Shares (the “Transactions”).

A summary of the principal terms of the Offer appears on below. You should read this entire Offer to Purchase, including the Summary Term Sheet and the supplemental “Questions and Answers” information, carefully before deciding whether to engage in discussions with the Purchaser for the purpose of selling your Shares. You should also seek the advice of counsel, as well, as financial advisors, in connection with such discussions.


If you desire to sell all or any portion of your Shares to Purchaser pursuant to the Offer, you should either (a) complete and sign the Letter of Transmittal for the Offer. which is enclosed with this Offer to Purchase, in accordance with the instructions contained in the Letter of Transmittal, and mail or email the Letter of Transmittal and any other required documents to Purchaser, prior to the Expiration Date, or (b) request that your broker, attorney, trustee, or other nominee effect the transaction for you.

Questions and requests for assistance may be requested by written correspondence delivered by email, to, or to the address of Purchaser at 9995 SE Federal Highway, #1955, Hobe Sound, FL 33455.

This Offer to Purchase and the related Letter of Transmittal contain important information, which you should carefully read before making a decision with respect to this Offer. You are urged to consult with counsel and your financial advisor(s) before consummating any agreement with Purchaser.

This transaction has not been approved or disapproved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (the ”SEC”) or any state securities commission, nor has the SEC or any state securities commission passed upon the fairness or merits of such transaction or upon the accuracy or adequacy of the information contained in this offer to purchase or the Letter of Transmittal.


The information contained in this summary Term Sheet is a summary only and is not meant to be a substitute for more detailed descriptions, information, and documentation to be prepared between the parties in connection with the Transaction.


Purchaser is offering to purchase up to 150,000,000 shares of restricted common stock of Pulse Evolution Corporation from individual shareholders (the “Pulse Shareholders”), only those of whom are accredited investors (the “Transactions”).


In the context of this Offer to Purchase, the Purchaser shall be the merger survivor of the combination of Evolution|AI Corporation, a newly formed Florida company organized by Pulse Evolution founder and former Chairman John Textor, and a fully reporting public company recently identified by Evolution|AI as an effective merger host, such combination (the “Public Merger”) resulting in Evolution|AI Corporation, as the Purchaser, being a fully reporting public company immediately upon consummation of the Transactions. In light of certain price protections which may be offered to holders of PLFX preferred shares, which may or may not be acceptable to the identified merger host, Purchaser has also considered the creation of a new company, as a fully reporting public company, to serve as the merger host in the contemplated Public Merger.

Business of the Purchaser:

Evolution|AI Corporation is focused on the adaptation and development of human animation technology to enable diverse artificial intelligence platforms to interact with consumers in the relatable form of a human face. Evolution|AI intends to develop a robust library of fully functional human faces, and human characters, that will allow people to communicate with leading artificial intelligence platforms, just as they would expect to communicate with another human being.

Price Offered per Share:

$0.62 per share, paid in the form of common shares of Purchaser.


No Minimum Purchase: The Offer is not conditioned on the purchase of a minimum number of shares of common stock of Pulse Evolution Corporation.

Requirement of Fully Reporting Status: The consummation of the Transactions shall be subject to the closing of the Public Merger, thereby assuring the exchange of the Shares by the Pulse Shareholders for restricted common shares in Evolution|AI Corporation as a fully reporting public company.

Legal Action: No legal action shall have commenced, and we shall not have received notice of any legal action, that could reasonably be expected to adversely affect the Offer.

No Adverse Change: No material adverse change in the Company’s business condition (financial or otherwise) assets, income, operations, prospects or stock ownership shall have occurred.

Expiration of the Offer:

The Offer expires at 5:00pm, Eastern Time on November 30. 2017, unless extended.


We are offering to acquire up 150,000,000 outstanding shares of the Company restricted common stock, from accredited investors only, for $0.62 per Share, through a share exchange with our company, Evolution|AI which, as a requirement of the Transactions, will be a fully reporting public company upon closing of the Transactions. The following are some of the questions that you as a stockholder of Pulse Evolution Corporation may have about us and our Offer and answers to those questions.

Who is offering to buy my securities?

We are Evolution|AI Corporation, a Florida corporation recently organized by Wyndcrest Holdings, LLC, a Florida-based private investment holding company affiliated with Mr. John Textor, founder and former Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation. Evoution|AI Corporation is also a licensee of Pulse Evolution technology.

As the business of Pulse Evolution Corporation evolved to become intensively focused on entertainment properties and related productions, Evolution|AI was created in the field of Artificial Intelligence to pursue the long-held vision of its founder, Mr. Textor, that digital humans would have utility in society, in commerce and in education that stretched far beyond just entertainment industry applications. Evolution|AI was launched, with the approval of the Pulse Evolution board of directors, as a licensee of Pulse technology which its principals expect would be highly collaborative with, and beneficial to, the business of Pulse Evolution. Evolution|AI also has the benefit of a robust portfolio of technology, acquired from the legendary visual effects company Digital Domain, representing substantially all of the technology developed in connection with launch and operation of Digital Domain’s Florida animation studio. With the benefit of both the Digital Domain animation and studio technology portfolio, and the market-leading human animation technology licensed from Pulse Evolution Corporation, Evolution|AI is uniquely positioned to be a true pioneer in the multi-billion dollar industry that will likely develop around the deployment of artificially intelligent digital humans in society, commerce and education.

Please explain the Purchaser’s rationale for making the Offer at the Offer Price?

We believe the Company is undervalued and our Purchase of the Shares represents an attractive and strategic investment. At the recent closing price of $0.13 per share, the enterprise value of the Company is approximately $40 million, which is also the approximate value of capital invested in the development of technologies, celebrity estate relationships and related assets, entertainment business opportunities and company goodwill. We believe that a material portion of this invested capital has resulted in a collective value of technology, assets, contracts and opportunity that far exceed the total amount of invested capital and the also the value of the Company based on our Offer Price.

  • Software and Know-how: We believe the Company has established the world’s highest known standard of hyper-realistic human animation with software tools and business know-how that are valuable to lines of business, even beyond the existing business model of the Company. While we support the Company’s current focus on its leading celebrity estate relationships, and productions in development, we believe the underlying value of the Company’s technology deployed in other business lines, such as software sales to the animation and visual effects segments, could provide material upside above our estimate of the Company’s target valuation of the Offer Price. The principals of the Purchaser have direct and relevant experience with the exploitation of ‘studio born’ VFX compositing technology that was successfully repositioned as marketable software for the animation and visual effects industry, ultimately leading to +80% market share and a software sale valuation of approximately $300 million. We believe the Company’s unique character rigging and animation technology may have even greater potential, than the aforementioned example, to be a leading suite of animation software tools for the industries of entertainment, games, virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.
  • Existing Celebrity Estate Relationships and Contracts: We continue to believe the Company’s reputation for creating high quality digital likeness assets for leading celebrity estates positions the Company for significant revenue, especially now that the Company has recruited leading entertainment professionals into key leadership positions. We believe the economics of these relationships may become more obvious if the Company can continue to advance, with the help of these new management resources, from its recent state as a technology development company into a fully functional entertainment company. To be more specific, we believe that the value of the existing revenue share contract relationship with the Company’s first announced celebrity estate, alone, would justify as attractive our target valuation of the Company at the Offer Price. To the extent the new management of the Company can secure additional relationships and contracts, we believe there is significant upside to our target valuation.
  • We have a vested interest in the Company through our License of the Company’s Technology and our prospective acquisition of the Shares represents an attractive strategic opportunity. We view the acquisition of a majority interest in the Company as strategically attractive as we would benefit from closer collaboration with, and development of, the Company’s technology, and our own complementary technology, in support of future business opportunities.
  • NOTE REGARDING RISK: Our statements above regarding the value and opportunity of the Company represents only the opinion of Purchaser and should not be relied upon, in any way, by third parties in making investment decisions related to their ownership, or contemplation of ownership, of shares in Pulse Evolution Corporation. The Company is a non-reporting company whose limited disclosures with the Securities Exchange Commission, and disclosures made through other means, have disclosed material risks including, but not limited to its business plan, capitalization and liquidity, litigation, technology, and competition. This Offer is intended only as an invitation to shareholders of the Company, who are “accredited investors,” to enter into discussions regarding the sale of their Shares to Purchaser in a Transaction(s) that we believe offer(s) a more attractive investment proposition, specifically in light of the Company’s current filing status, than is represented by the Shares today. No party should rely on this Offer, or any of the information contained herein, as authoritative on the business or risks of the Company, or indicative of the value of the shares of the Company.

How much are you offering to pay?

We are offering to pay $0.62 per share, paid in the form of common shares of Purchaser, based on either a) the relative valuation of the Offer Price to the quoted 10-day average closing price of Purchaser, prior to closing of the Transactions and subject to completion of the Public Merger, or b) subject to the sole discretion of Purchaser, in the event of extreme volatility or lack of reliability of the quoted price of Purchaser, the issuance of shares of Purchaser with a price adjustment mechanism, or liquidation preference, structured to assure delivery of the Offer Price. Prospective sellers should seek and obtain advice from a qualified financial advisor in consideration of this offer. The actual value that may ultimately be realized through the Offer Price and the Transactions is entirely dependent on the value of the shares of Purchaser, at closing and over time. Purchaser’s business will have very different opportunities and risk scenarios than those of the Company and prospective sellers should be sure to understand fully the risk-and-return aspects of the Transactions. It is for this reason that the Offer is only being made to Accredited Investors who are fully capable and qualified to evaluate the Offer and all of its risks.

In the event Purchaser elects to create a newly formed reporting company to serve as the merger host of the Public Merger, selling shareholders shall be given a liquidation preference of $0.62 per share in connection with their common stock ownership in Purchaser, similar to that which would typically be granted in favor of a holder of preferred stock. The intent of this ‘price protection’ is to place a priority on the protection and return of value, equal to at least $0.62 per share, before the principals of Purchasers are able to participate pro rata in the realization of value from their ownership in Purchaser.

Please explain your determination of $0.62 per share as the Offer Price.

The Offer Price of $0.62 per share was established arbitrarily by Purchaser, based on its understanding of prior investments into the Company by qualified institutional and strategic investors. The Offer Price represents only the determination by Purchaser of a fair price, based solely on the opinion of Purchaser, to be offered for restricted common shares of the Company. Purchaser does not believe the Offer Price is indicative of the valuation, on a per share basis, of the Company and the Offer Price should not be relied upon by third parties as a qualified estimate of such valuation, or as a reference point for the value of the Company’s unrestricted shares as quoted on the over-the-counter markets.

What are the classes and amounts of securities sought in this offer?

We are seeking to purchase up to 150,000,000 of the outstanding shares of restricted common stock, $0.001 par value, of Pulse Evolution Corporation, or such lesser number of shares as are available for purchase, from accredited investors only. By separate offer, we also intend to extend a similar purchase offer to holders of preferred stock of Pulse Evolution Corporation, though such an offer may be offered at a higher purchase price than the offer described herein, to reflect the superior rights afforded holders of preferred stock as compared to holders of common stock. The Offer is not conditioned on any minimum number of shares required to be purchased.

Why would you not offer to buy free-trading stock from the “public float”?

Our company would only offer to purchase free trading stock if we were in a position to offer free trading stock in return. This would require the completion of a significant and time consuming SEC registration process that we believe would not be attractive to current holders of Pulse Evolution Corporation public float shares. We believe the shares of “PLFX” are significantly undervalued and we believe that the holders of PLFX public float shares may have better valuation growth opportunities if Pulse Evolution Corporation were to become, as proposed, the fully reporting entertainment subsidiary of Purchaser, Evolution|AI Corporation, which would have an obligation to assure that Pulse Evolution Corporation was comprehensively audited and fully reporting, as such reporting standards would be a requirement of any subsidiary of the proposed fully reporting Evolution|AI Corporation.

With regard to the benefits offered to holders of restricted shares, we believe that our offer represents a substantial improvement to the current rights and opportunities of both common and preferred shareholders of Pulse Evolution Corporation. Currently, for such holders of restricted shares, there is no obvious path to liquidity as the current non-reporting status of the Company, combined with the onerous requirements for a non-reporting company to achieve an “up-listing” to an attractive stock exchange, presents a significant challenge for the holders of Pulse Evolution’s restricted shares. While the Company has a clear right and opportunity to become a fully reporting company on its own, we believe our Offer to represent a more efficient and attractive path to fully reporting status and an ‘up-listing’ to a respected exchange.

Have any shareholders already entered into agreements requiring them to sell their shares to the Purchaser?

No. We have not yet entered into any agreements with any stockholder requiring the sale of their shares.

What are the most significant conditions of the offer?

The most significant conditions to this offer are the following, any or all of which may be waived, to the extent legally possible by us in our sole discretion:

Requirement of Fully Reporting Status: The consummation of the Transactions shall be subject to the closing of the Public Merger, thereby assuring the exchange of the Shares by the Pulse Shareholders for restricted common shares in Evolution|AI Corporation as a fully reporting public company. Neither the Purchaser, nor any holder of the Shares, shall be required to consummate the Transactions unless and until Evolution|AI Corporation has successfully merged into, or been acquired by, the contemplated public company that shall serve to assure for the benefit of both Purchaser and the sellers that the surviving company will be a fully reporting public company.

No Legal Action shall have commenced, and we shall not have received notice of any legal action, that could reasonably be expected to adversely affect the Offer.

No Material Adverse Change in the Company’s business condition (financial or otherwise) assets, income, operations, prospects or stock ownership shall have occurred.

No General Suspension of Trading in, or limitation on prices for or trading in, securities on any national securities exchange or in the over-the-counter markets in the United States or Canada or the declaration of a banking moratorium or any suspension of payment in respect of banks in the United States shall have occurred;

Can the offer be extended, and under what circumstances?

Given the nature and uniqueness inherent in the negotiation of transactions with individual sellers, some of whom may have different rights associated with their Sharers, we expressly reserve the right, in our reasonable discretion, but subject to applicable law, to extend the period of time during which the offer remains open.

How will I be notified if the offer is extended?

If we decide to extend the offer, we will inform prospective sellers by public press release.

May I sell only a portion of the shares that I hold?

Yes. You do not have to sell all of the shares that you own to participate in the Offer.

Can holders of vested stock options or holders of warrants participate in the offer?

The Offer is only for Shares and not for any options or warrants to acquire Shares. If you hold vested but unexercised stock options or exercisable warrants and you wish to participate in the Offer, you must exercise your stock options or warrants in accordance with the terms of the applicable stock option plan or warrant agreement and sell the Shares received upon the exercise in accordance with the terms of the Offer.

What does the board of directors of Pulse Evolution Corporation think of this offer?

We have made clear to the Company that our Offer should be perceived as a “friendly” and supportive offer in every respect. We support current management of the Company and we intend only to be a resource and a solution for certain of the Company’s challenges as a public company. That said, as our Offer is not a tender offer for shares held by the general public, and our Offer is only being made to “accredited investors,” we have not asked the board of directors of the Company to approve the Offer or provide a recommendation with respect to the Offer. Under applicable law, no approval or recommendation by the Company’s board is necessary for us to commence or complete this Offer. We have, however, communicated to the board of directors our intent to make and publicize this Offer, by way of public release, as the only practical method by which we can effectively reach the more than 200 holders of restricted stock certificates. We are also evaluating the possibility that our offer may also be amended under certain circumstances to include unrestricted shares, even potentially those in the public float, if such shares are held by “accredited investors”. Again, we have also assured the Board that we support existing management of the company and that we sincerely believe the Transactions, which may result in Evolution|AI become a major stockholder (even the ‘parent’) of the Company, would be extremely beneficial to the business opportunities of the Company and to the liquidity goals held by all shareholders.

Subsequent to Purchaser’s first announcement of the Offer, Purchaser has been informed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company that the Company would render no official opinion of the Offer and would leave the matter to the Company’s shareholders to consider.

What do the Preferred Shareholders and/or Shareholder Lenders think of this offer?

Subsequent to Purchaser’s first announcement of the Offer, certain shareholders of Pulse Evolution, who have on multiple prior occasions (during 2016 and 2017) made various “control” proposals to the Board of Pulse Evolution Corporation, have filed suit against the Company and certain of its former officers and directors, including the founding principal of Purchaser. The lawsuit contains significant meritless claims regarding the defendants’ prior involvement with the Company, including numerous libelous and defamatory statements that seem to have little purpose within the complaint, other than to embarrass the defendants (and possibly the Purchaser) in sensational fashion. Purchaser cannot at this time assess the true intent and goals of this litigation, from parties that have also recently attempted to gain control of the Company, and whether or not such litigation has been initiated as a response to the Offer by Purchaser, or as an independent attempt of the Preferred Shareholders to gain control of the Company. In light of the Company’s current liquidity situation, Purchaser does not believe that the litigation is a serious attempt to obtain value for their investment, but is rather another attempt by the Preferred Shareholders to obtain control of the Company and its economic opportunities through the pressure of an aggressive, litigation-driven takeover strategy. Purchaser is evaluating the impact of this litigation in its evaluation of the transactions contemplated hereby. Purchaser has also clarified its Offer in this update to include any and all securities, including those of the Preferred Shareholders and the Shareholder Lenders. Purchaser believes that such Preferred Shareholders and related parties currently hold more than 33,128,910 of common stock equivalent shares. Acceptance by such shareholders of the Offer by Purchaser, at $0.62 per share with price protections, would suggest a structured transaction valuation of approximately $26.7 million for an investment which the subject parties assert to be less than $9.0 million. Contrary to any claim of damages or the assertion of a loss of investment, Purchaser, therefore, believes the Offer to represent an attractive opportunity for the Preferred Shareholders and Shareholder Lenders to more than recover their investment. Purchaser intends to advocate on behalf of the Offer as a resolution of competing takeover proposals and an attractive opportunity for all stakeholders in the Company to consider.

Overall, what has been the reaction to the Offer from Shareholders and how likely is it that the Transaction will be consummated?

Purchaser cannot comment on the likelihood of consummation of the Transaction as such would constitute a forward-looking statement and would be highly speculative. Purchaser can report that shareholders representing ownership of at least 105 Million common shares of the Company have expressed a high level of interest in the exchange of shares which, if true, would suggest a high likelihood that Purchaser would ultimately be able to acquire a substantial minority, or a majority, of the share ownership of the Company and would be willing to proceed with consummation of the contemplated Transactions.

Following the Offer will Pulse Evolution Corporation continue as a public company?

Yes. The completion of the Offer in accordance with its terms and conditions will not immediately affect the Company’s current standing as a publicly traded company. We do, however, believe that our Offer will result in a significant improvement in the Company’s transparency and reporting status, for the benefit of all shareholders of Pulse, even those who choose not to accept our Offer.

If I decide not to Sell, how will the offer affect my shares?

Shareholders who choose not to sell will own the same percentage ownership of the Company’s outstanding Shares following the consummation of the Offer. Pulse stockholders who do not sell their Shares pursuant to the Offer will continue to be owners of Pulse. As a result, such stockholders will continue to participate in the future performance of Pulse and to bear the attendant risks associated with owning their restricted Shares in the Company. We can give no assurance, however, as to the likelihood a stockholder may be able to sell his, her or its restricted Shares in the future.

If I desire to Accept the Offer, how can I proceed?

Please contact Purchaser through and express your interest in participating in the Transaction. Please provide your complete contact information for receipt of a required Confidentiality and Non-disclosure Agreement (“NDA”). Upon Purchaser’s receipt of an executed NDA, Purchaser will provide you with an execution copy of a Share Exchange Agreement, for your review and the review by your legal counsel. Please also provide Purchaser with third-party certification of your qualifications as an accredited investor, such as a letter from counsel, a recognized banking institution, or a recognized financial services firm. Upon the dual execution of the Share Exchange Agreement by yourself and Purchaser, and the satisfaction of all closing conditions (including the Public Merger), the ‘sale’ and exchange of your shares with the Purchaser will have been consummated.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the Offer?

If you have any questions you should email your questions, including your contact information, to


To Indicate Intent to Sell to Purchaser Common Stock of


Pursuant to the Offer to Purchase Dated OCTOBER 30, 2017, by



By Mail, Hand or Overnight Courier By Email Transmission
Evolution|AI Corporation –
9995 SE Federal Highway, #1955
Hobe Sound, FL 33455



Name(s) of Registered Holder(s)

Please fill in exactly as Name(s) appear(s) on Certificate(s)

Share Certificate(s) to be Sold

Share Certificate Number(s)

Total Number of Shares to be Sold

This Letter of Transmittal is to be completed by stockholders of Pulse Evolution Corporation, only if such stockholders are “accredited investors,” as defined by Rule 501 under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and such stockholder is capable of evaluating the merits and risks of the Transactions contemplated hereby. This Letter of Transmittal must be accompanied by facsimiles of the Share Certificates proposed to be sold pursuant to the Offer to Purchase. Holders who propose to sell their Shares pursuant to the Offer and whose Share Certificates are not immediately available, whose Shares are held in book entry form, or who cannot present their Share Certificates and all other required documents prior to the expiration of the Offer must obtain evidence demonstrating ownership of such Share Certificates from the Company’s transfer agent, prior to the expiration date (as defined above and in the Offer to Purchase.

SOURCE: Evolution|AI Corporation

ReleaseID: 482460

U.S. Stem Cell Responds to FDA’s Regenerative Medicine Guidelines

By U.S. Stem Cell, Inc.

SUNRISE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / November 21, 2017 / U.S. Stem Cell, Inc. (OTCQB: USRM), a leader in the development of proprietary, physician-based stem cell therapies and novel regenerative medicine solutions, today responded to the recently announced Food and Drug Administration’s comprehensive policy framework for the development and oversight of regenerative medicine products, including stem cell treatments.

The framework is described in a suite of four guidance documents that build upon the FDA’s existing, risk-based regulatory approach, in order to more clearly describe what products are regulated as drugs, devices, and/or biological products. Two of the documents were issued as drafts, and the other two were issued as final.

This new framework also includes more regulatory guidance for off-the-shelf products that, due to their construct, require more complex, lengthy and expensive entries to market. This is partially because they can involve using third-party stem cells that have been modified, including genetically, which can require more intense scrutiny by the FDA. USRM believes that it’s in-clinic stem cell procedures should not be subject to the same regulatory process as off-the-shelf drug products.

Likewise, due to the high ramp-up costs with an off-the-shelf gene or cell therapy product, patients can be up against prices of $475,000 per treatment. USRMs proprietary in-clinic protocols using the patients own tissues/cells are not off-the-shelf gene or cell therapies and can be safely performed in-clinic instead of a hospital, by physicians that are USRM-trained and certified in autologous stem cell therapy practices – procedures that have been and continue to be well documented in the scientific literature with very few complications reported. The costs to patients typically range from $5,000-$12,000.

“As U.S. Stem Cell continues to offer products, education and in-clinic therapeutic services, we are continuing our ongoing communication with the FDA in order to determine more specifically how we best fit into the regulatory model for stem cell therapies,” said Mike Tomas, President & CEO of U.S. Stem Cell, Inc. “Our goal is to provide patients in need with regenerative medicine using the cells inside their own body, and we are hopeful that the FDA is willing to continue to work with us to help define fair regulation for the public regarding these therapies.”

According to the FDA, this modern framework is intended to balance the agency’s commitment to safety with mechanisms to drive further advances in regenerative medicine, so that innovators can bring new, effective therapies to patients as quickly and as safely as possible.

“We’re at the beginning of a paradigm change in medicine with the promise of being able to facilitate regeneration of parts of the human body, where cells and tissues can be engineered to grow healthy, functional organs to replace diseased ones; new genes can be introduced into the body to combat disease; and adult stem cells can generate replacements for cells that are lost to injury or disease. This is no longer the stuff of science fiction. This is the practical promise of modern applications of regenerative medicine,” said FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, MD, who is quoted in the guidelines.

“Just as Dr. Gottlieb has described it, the emerging field of stem cell therapy is dynamic and complex,” said Dr. Kristin Comella, Chief Science Officer of USRM. “That’s one of the reasons why the FDA is taking great consideration, to ensure a comprehensive framework that will simultaneously increase access to these remarkable innovations, while at the same time ensuring public safety. It is also one of the reasons why we here at USRM are so excited to pioneer the holistic approach of using one’s own stem cells in clinic – the sophistication of using autologous stem cell therapies, combined with simplicity of application and use, gives clinics we operate and physicians we train incredible scalability with powerful results. As we continue to grow and expand our business, we are confident that our place in this world of emerging science will be reflected in the FDA’s ongoing regulatory decisions. We look forward to being a part of this dialogue as this historic scene unfolds.”

In addition to the final documents, the two draft guidances also provide important information to help spur development and access to innovative regenerative therapies. The first draft guidance, which builds off the regenerative medicine provisions in the 21st Century Cures Act, addresses how the FDA intends to simplify and streamline its application of the regulatory requirements for devices used in the recovery, isolation, and delivery of regenerative medicine advanced therapies (RMATs), including combination products.

The second draft guidance describes the expedited programs that may be available to sponsors of regenerative medicine therapies, including the new Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy (RMAT) designation created by the 21st Century Cures Act, Priority Review, and Accelerated Approval. In addition, the guidance describes the regenerative medicine therapies that may be eligible for RMAT designation – including tissue engineering products, human cell and tissue products, and combination products using any such therapies or products, as well as gene therapies that lead to a durable modification of cells or tissues (including genetically modified cells). USRM intends to take full advantage of this RMAT opportunity and join strategic partners to apply for consideration of its MyoCell product for heart failure patients.

Based on these draft guidance documents, the FDA will continue to require a robust clinical trial program for these products which typically costs hundreds of millions of dollars and years of studies. USRM has spent more than $100 million over two decades on both preclinical (animal) and clinical (human) trials using its MyoCell™ product. The trials published to date show culture-expanded autologous stem cells directly injected into the heart can provide benefit to congestive heart failure patients. USRM is actively seeking strategic partners to pursue commercialization of the MyoCell product and finalize RMAT designation based on the draft guidelines published.

At U.S. Stem Cell and our clinical affiliates, we have demonstrated a strong safety profile with our in-clinic physician medical procedures which is completely in line with the risk-based approach that the FDA intends to enforce. We believe that patients have a right to utilize the cells in their own body to help promote natural healing and we have demonstrated the safety of these therapies in our recent publication in a peer-reviewed journal. The study describes the use of stromal vascular fraction (SVF) in the clinic for degenerative diseases in orthopedics, neurological and systemic conditions in 676 patients.

U.S. Stem Cell, Inc., is an emerging leader in the regenerative medicine/cellular therapy industry and has, to management’s knowledge, completed more clinical treatments than any other stem cell company in the world in the past 20 years. We look forward to pioneering this space and working closely with regulatory bodies to ensure safety.

About U.S. Stem Cell, Inc.

U.S. Stem Cell, Inc. is an emerging enterprise in the regenerative medicine / cellular therapy industry. We are focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of cell-based therapies that prevent or treat disease by repairing and replacing damaged or aged tissue, cells and organs and restoring their normal function. We believe that regenerative medicine / cellular therapeutics will play a large role in positively changing the natural history of diseases, ultimately, we contend, lessening patient burdens, as well as reducing the associated economic impact disease imposes upon modern society.

Our business, which includes three operating divisions (U.S. Stem Cell Training, Vetbiologics and U.S. Stem Cell Clinic) includes the development of proprietary cell therapy products, as well as revenue generating physician and patient-based regenerative medicine / cell therapy training services, cell collection and cell storage services, the sale of cell collection and treatment kits for humans and animals, and the operation of a cell therapy clinic. Management maintains that revenues and their associated cash in-flows generated from our businesses will, over time, provide funds to support our clinical development activities as they do today for our general business operations. We believe the combination of our own therapeutics pipeline combined with our revenue generating capabilities provides the Company with a unique opportunity for growth and a pathway to profitability.

Forward-Looking Statements: Except for historical matters contained herein, statements made in this press release are forward-looking statements. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, words such as “may”, “will”, “to”, “plan”, “expect”, “believe”, “anticipate”, “intend”, “could”, “would”, “estimate”, or “continue”, or the negative other variations thereof or comparable terminology are intended to identify forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, which may cause our actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements. Also, forward-looking statements represent our management’s beliefs and assumptions only as of the date hereof. Except as required by law, we assume no obligation to update these forward-looking statements publicly or to update the reasons actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in these forward-looking statements, even if new information becomes available in the future.

The Company is subject to the risks and uncertainties described in its filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including the section entitled “Risk Factors” in its Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2016, and its Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q.

Media Contact:

U.S. Stem Cell, Inc.
13794 NW 4th Street, Suite 212
Sunrise, Fl 33325
Phone: 954.835.1500

SOURCE: U.S. Stem Cell, Inc.

ReleaseID: 482555

SeeThruEquity Issues Company Update on Net Element

By SeeThruEquity

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 21, 2017 / SeeThruEquity, a leading independent equity research and corporate access firm focused on smallcap and microcap public companies, today announced that it has issued a company update on Net Element, Inc. (NASDAQ: NETE).

The note is available here: NETE November 2017 Update Note.

Highlights of the note are as follows:

On November 14, 2017, Net Element reported 3Q17 results, with highlights as follows:

  • 3Q17 revenues grew by 6.4% YoY to reach $14.9mn, versus $14.0mn in the year-ago period. Revenue for the first nine months of 2017 were $44.6mn, versus $39.0mn in the comparable year-ago period.
  • NETE benefitted from a 17.3% annual increase in its North American Transaction Solutions segment, which was attributed an increase in merchants and higher uptake of value-added services.
  • Net loss to common shareholders in 3Q17 was ($1.7mn), with a loss per share of ($0.90), versus a loss of ($3.5mn), or ($2.47) per share in 3Q16.

NA Transaction revenues rise by 17.3% YoY

NETE’s revenues grew by 6.4% in 3Q17 to reach $14.9mn, as strong North American Transaction Solutions were offset by a decline in mobile solutions. NETE’s NA Transactions segment grew revenues by 17.3% YOY to $13.1mn. This is a segment that now comprises 88.1% of total revenues. NA Transactions includes Unified Payments, a provider of comprehensive turnkey, payment processing solutions, as well as Aptito, a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) restaurant management solution.

NETE made several enhancements to its service offerings in the NA Transaction Solutions segment during the quarter. These included the launch of web-based, integrated same-day ACH payment processing, as well as the launch of a payment acceptance module for popular mobile instant messaging platforms, including Facebook Messenger. NETE also launched what may have the potential to become a popular new feature for its merchant customers in the new “Zero Fee” program. Zero Fee is a new program that lets merchants pass along credit card processing fees directly to its customers.

NETE maintains Nasdaq CM listing status

NETE disclosed in its 10-Q that it was able to meet continued listing requirements for the Nasdaq CM ahead of the October 20, 2017, deadline for reaching compliance. The company completed a 1:10 reverse share split on October 5, 2017, and was able to raise $1.1mn after the end of the quarter in order to meet the $2.5mn shareholders’ equity requirement. Funds were raised as part of the company’s previously announced $10mn stock purchase agreement with Cobblestone Capital.

New target of $10.30 for NETE

Our price target for NETE moves to $10.30 following the reverse split and recent results. The target suggests a fair valuation of 0.5x EV / Revenue on 2017E revenues of $63.3mn. We continue to see NETE as an intriguing high risk / high reward growth company in the financial technology space.

Please review important disclosures on the company’s website at

About Net Element, Inc.

Net Element (NASDAQ: NETE) is a global payments-as-a-service, technology provider with an integrated mobile and transactional services platform serving millions of emerging market clients. Its wholly owned subsidiary, TOT Group operates Unified Payments, a U.S. focused transaction processing and value-added services brand, Aptito, a next generation, cloud-based point of sale payments platform and TOT Money, a leading mobile payments service provider that is gaining significant traction in the mobile payments market in Russia and for two consecutive years, has been ranked in the Top 3 mobile payments providers by Beeline, Russia’s second largest telecommunications operator.

Further information is available at

About SeeThruEquity

Since its founding in 2011, SeeThruEquity has been committed to its core mission: providing impactful, high-quality research on underfollowed smallcap and microcap equities. SeeThruEquity has pioneered an innovative business model for equity research that is not paid for and is unbiased. SeeThruEquity is the host of acclaimed investor conferences that are the ultimate event for publicly traded companies with market capitalizations less than $1 billion.

SeeThruEquity is approved to contribute its research reports and estimates to Thomson One Analytics (First Call), the leading estimates platform on Wall Street, as well as Capital IQ and FactSet. SeeThruEquity maintains one of the industry’s most extensive databases of opt-in institutional and high net worth investors. The firm is headquartered in Midtown Manhattan in New York City.

For more information visit



SOURCE: SeeThruEquity

ReleaseID: 482556

Monarca Minerals Inc. Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire San Jose Property in Chihuahua, Mexico

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Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – November 21, 2017) – Monarca Minerals Inc. (TSXV: MMN) (“Monarca” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into to a Letter of Intent to acquire the San Jose Property, located in northern Chihuahua, Mexico.

San Jose Property

The 5,580-hectare San Jose Property area has excellent indications of multi-element mineralization associated with skarn, gossan and altered intrusive rocks. An existing geological report (2011) discloses assays of up to 26.84ppm Au, 161 g/tonne (5 opt) Ag, 6.5% Pb, 0.9% Zn, and 4.2% Cu, as summarized in the map below.

San Jose Property Map

To view an enhanced version of this graphic, please visit:

The area was conventionally mapped by boots on the ground and utilizing a handheld GPS to obtain location (H. Pacheco). The “strong” alteration is indicated by pervasive visual occurrence of dissemination, stockwork and veins of skarn, gossan and altered intrusive rocks with disseminated pyrite.

The mapped area of the San Jose Property covers about 10% of the concession and indicates a strong area of continuous mineralization of about 1km by several hundred meters. The mapped area is coincident with a strong aeromagnetic anomaly, associated with outcropping mineralized intrusive rocks.

Early history is evidenced by about 15 old mining excavations, up to about 10m deep, exposing mineralization in areas of skarn, gossan and altered intrusive rocks. At San Jose, there are large areas of Fe-oxide in garnet skarn outcropping in the areas between and around mining excavations and veins. The historical mining and exploration work, as reported by the owner, was done in the early 1970s.

The mineralization at San Jose is very similar to the Bismark Mine, located about 50km to the southeast, which has been in production since 1992. The Bismark Mine had a starting resource of 8,200,000 tonnes at 8% Zn, 0.5 % Pb, 0.2 % Cu and 50 g/t Ag. The Bismarck Mine is a stock-contact skarn, with massive sulfide zones, within altered limestone and adjacent to a mineralized intrusive, like at San Jose. The mine started production in 1992 at 600,000 tons/year and is looking for ore to feed their processing facility.

Letter of Intent

Monarca signed a Letter of Intent (“LOI”) with a group of landowners to acquire 100% ownership of the San Jose Property. The terms of the LOI call for a US$20,000 on execution of the LOI (paid), US$20,000 on execution of a definitive agreement, US$50,000 on the first anniversary of the definitive agreement and US$60,000 on the second anniversary of the definitive agreement. The owners retain a 2% NSR. One percent of the NSR can be purchased by Monarca for US$100,000. Back taxes on the property of US$390,000 will be paid over a period of time. Concession taxes per year are approximately US$46,000. There is a 4-month due diligence period from the date of the LOI until the date a definitive agreement needs be signed. Monarca personnel will be on the property in December.

Mr. Carlos Espinosa, President, reports, “Monarca is very pleased to sign a LOI for the San Jose Property in Chihuahua, Mexico, a friendly and familiar jurisdiction for Monarca’s team and management. After reviewing several investment opportunities, we decided to move forward and sign a LOI for San Jose, an excellent opportunity to diversify our property portfolio.”

Qualified Person

Michael R. Smith is the Qualified Person for Monarca Minerals Inc. He is a Registered Member, #04167376 (Geology), of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME). He has reviewed and approved of all technical data in this Press Release.

About Monarca Minerals Inc.

Monarca is a Canadian company focusing on the exploration and development of silver projects along a highly productive mineralized belt in Mexico. The Company has a portfolio of silver projects including a mineral resource of 28.7 million ounces of silver (19.8 million tonnes at 45.0 g/t Ag) at its Tejamen deposit.

For further information, please contact:

Allan Folk
Interim Chief Executive Officer Monarca Minerals Inc.

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements Forward-Looking Statements:

The above contains forward-looking statements that are subject to a number of known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause actual results to differ materially from those anticipated in our forward-looking statements. Factors that could cause such differences include: changes in world commodity markets, equity markets, costs and supply of materials relevant to the mining industry, change in government and changes to regulations affecting the mining industry. Forward-looking statements in this release include statements regarding future exploration programs, operation plans, geological interpretations, mineral tenure issues and mineral recovery processes. Although we believe the expectations reflected in our forward-looking statements are reasonable, results may vary, and we cannot guarantee future results, levels of activity, performance or achievements.

Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Service Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.


Metals Creek Resources Corp. Stakes Claims on the Great Northern Peninsula, Newfoundland

Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – November 21, 2017) – Metals Creek Resources Corp. (TSXV: MEK) (Metals Creek or the “company”) would like to announce it has acquired by staking, a 100% interest in four claim blocks totaling 242 units on the Great Northern Peninsula Newfoundland, near St. Anthony, named the Great Brehat Project. The Claims are contiguous to the south and to the west of White Metals Resources Corp. new discovery where they recently announced significant amounts of highly anomalous gold values over approximately a 15 sq KM area in black sedimentary shale units (See White Metals Resources Corp. PR dated November 20, 2017). The Metals Creek claims were staked to cover favorable geology similar to that of White Metals Resources Corp. The company believes this could potentially be a very important new discovery in a unique geological environment similar to other large gold deposits hosted in black shale environments around the world. The company will plan an exploration program to evaluate the geological potential over the coming months.

About Metals Creek Resources Corp.

Metals Creek Resources Corp. is a junior exploration company incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario, is a reporting issuer in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario, and has its common shares listed for trading on the Exchange under the symbol “MEK”. Metals Creek has earned a 50% interest in the Ogden Gold Property, including the former Naybob Gold mine, located 6 km south of Timmins, Ontario and has a 8 km strike length of the prolific Porcupine-Destor Fault (P-DF) that stretches between Timmins, Ontario and Val d’Or, Quebec. The Company has also recently entered into an Option/JV with Trifecta Gold Ltd. on Metals Creek’s Squid properties in Yukon. Metals Creek also has an option agreement with Quadro Resources on Metals Creeks and Benton Resources Staghorn Gold Project in Newfoundland as well as two option agreements with Anaconda Mining Inc. on Metals Creek’s Jacksons Arm and Tilt Cove Properties also in Newfoundland. The company have also signed a LOI on its Clarks Brook property with Sokoman Iron Corp. and is engaged in the identification, acquisition, exploration and development of other mineral resource properties, and presently has mining interests in Ontario, Yukon and Newfoundland and Labrador. Additional information concerning the Corporation is contained in documents filed by the Corporation with securities regulators, available under its profile at

Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

Alexander (Sandy) Stares, President and CEO

Metals Creek Resources Corp
telephone: (709)-256-6060
fax: (709)-256-6061

Medovex Corporation to Present at the 10th Annual LD Micro Main Event

By Medovex Corporation

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 21, 2017 / Medovex Corporation (OTCQB: MDVX), the developer of the DenerveX® System, a new and novel device designed for enduring relief of Facet Joint Syndrome related to chronic back pain, a non-addictive, non-opioid drug alternative capable of restoring a patient to a more normal and active lifestyle, today announced that it will be presenting at the 10th annual LD Micro Main Event on Tuesday, December 5, at 2:30PM PST / 5:30 PM EST at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel in Los Angeles, California. Jesse Crowne, Co-Executive Chairman of Medovex, will be presenting, as well as meeting with investors.

The LD Micro Main Event is the largest independent conference for small/micro-cap companies and will feature 250 names presenting to an audience of over 1,000 attendees. In addition, there will be a variety of speakers/panelists discussing topics of interest to investors and issuers, along with coordinate evening events.

A webcast of the presentation is available at the Company’s website under the IR section and at the following link:

View Medovex’s profile here:

News Compliments of ACCESSWIRE.

About Medovex

Medovex was formed to acquire and develop a diversified portfolio of potentially groundbreaking medical technology products. Criteria for selection include those products with potential for significant improvement in the quality of patient care combined with cost-effectiveness. The Company’s first pipeline product, the DenerveX System, is intended to provide long-lasting relief from pain associated with facet joint syndrome at significantly less cost than currently available options. To learn more about Medovex Corp., visit

About LD Micro

LD Micro was founded in 2006 with the sole purpose of being an independent resource in the microcap space. What started out as a newsletter highlighting unique companies has transformed into several influential conferences annually.

In 2015, LDM launched the first pure microcap index (the LDMi) to exclusively provide intraday information on the entire sector.

For those interested in attending, please contact David Scher at or visit for more information.

Contact Information

Medovex Corp.
Jason Assad


David Schull
Russo Partners LLC
212-845-4271 (office)
858-717-2310 (mobile)

Karen Chase
Russo Partners LLC
646-942-5627 (office)
917-547-0434 (mobile)

SOURCE: Medovex Corp.

ReleaseID: 482297

Lion One Awarded Navilawa Caldera

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Lion One is Now the Premier High Grade Gold Exploration and Development Company in Fiji

North Vancouver, British Columbia–(Newsfile Corp. – November 21, 2017) – Lion One Metals Limited (TSXV: LIO) (ASX: LLO) (OTCQX: LOMLF) (FSE: LY1) (the “Company”) is excited to announce that Fiji’s Minister of Mines has approved the grant of the new Navilawa Special Prospecting Licence (SPL 1412) adjoining the Company’s fully permitted high grade underground Tuvatu Gold Project located on the island of Viti Levu in the Republic of Fiji. The Company now holds over 200 square kilometres of prospective ground in one contiguous exploration license area with a 385 hectare mining lease (SML 62) near its epicentre at Tuvatu.

Navilawa highlights include:

  • 102 square kilometres of new license area covering the underlying the Navilawa Caldera; one of Fiji’s largest mineralized volcanic complexes
  • Entirely encompassing the remaining portion of the Navilawa Caldera not already held by Lion One, consolidating its district-scale exploration potential for the first time
  • Extensive mineralised system with surface gold anomalism inside and extending outside the 7 kilometre wide caldera rim
  • 11 previously identified prospects for both gold and copper-gold (porphyry) targets, providing a new pipeline of exploration targets to complement the development stage Tuvatu Gold Project

Significance and next steps

Lion One is in the process of developing the Tuvatu Gold Project having recently commenced the construction phase of the project (see news release dated Nov. 14, 2017). In addition to Tuvatu, the Company has identified as several targets inside the permitted mining lease area to the south of Tuvatu and, with the new Navilawa Project, adds additional targets to the north. Through and after commissioning of the Tuvatu Gold Mine, Lion One aims to increase exploration on all the prospective tenure surrounding the Tuvatu Gold Project in order to provide the potential for expanded production scenarios and a long mine-life project.

Lion One’s geology team is currently reviewing the government’s information file and previous company geological reports and data from the Navilawa Caldera in order to assess the priorities for additional work. The Company expects to release the assessment of the prospects in coming weeks.

The Navilawa Project – SPL 1412

The Navilawa Project adjoins the Tuvatu Gold Project to the north. The newly granted tenure (SPL) covers approximately 102 square kilometres. Geologically, the Navilawa Project encompasses the remaining portion of the Navilawa Caldera (an extinct collapsed volcanic crater) that Lion One does not already hold. The Navilawa Caldera is dominated by rock types similar to those found in the Tuvatu area including the Navilawa monzonite (the main intrusive host of Tuvatu); the Nadele Breccia (a volcanic breccia which also hosts mineralisation); and the Sabeto Volcanics (intermediate to mafic volcanics).

The Navilawa Caldera has certain geological similarities which include geological setting, hydrothermal alteration style, and mineralisation style to other large epithermal gold deposits in the Pacific Rim including Lihir (Papua New Guinea), Vatukoula (Fiji), Waihi (New Zealand), and Gosowong (Indonesia).

Several of the mineralised structures from Tuvatu are projected to strike north on to the Navilawa Project area and hence provide targets for immediate extensional work. Furthermore total of eleven prospects covering an area approximately 3 by 2 kilometres have been identified by previous work in the Navilawa Caldera (Figure 2). These include both low-sulphidation epithermal gold-bearing systems as well as potentially porphyry related copper-gold mineralisation. The Navilawa Caldera’s numerous prospects include the Tuvatu North, Lombau Mine, Golden Ridge, Blasting Rock, Sleeping Giant, Batiri Creek, Matanavatu, Nasiti Ridge, Kingston Mine, Central Ridge, and Banana Creek. A number of these prospects have records of short adits which were hand dug into gold bearing lodes or copper oxide bearing rocks.

Figure 1: Lion One Fiji Tenement holdings including the new Navilawa Tenement

To view an enhanced version of this graphic, please visit:

Figure 2: Prospects of the Tuvatu Region and Navilawa Caldera

To view an enhanced version of this graphic, please visit:

Award Process

The Mineral Resources Department, Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources, Government of Fiji, advertised for “invitation for expressions of interest for the Navilawa Prospect” on July 2, 2016. Subsequently the project progressed through the tender process, and Lion One has recently been informed that the tender it had submitted was successful. Lion One has invested considerable time and funds into the acquisition of information and data of the Navilawa Caldera.

Regional Setting

The adjacent Tuvatu and Navilawa project areas lie within a northeast trending mineralised corridor (the “Viti Levu lineament”)which also hosts similar epithermal gold deposits to the northeast at Vatukoula / Rakiraki (refer Figure 3). Fiji’s oldest gold mine at Vatukoula is situated in the neighbouring Tavua Caldera and has produced over 7 million ounces of gold since the 1930’s.

Cannot view this image? Visit:

Figure 3: Schematic Gravity Map: Fiji’s Mineralised Corridor of Calderas

To view an enhanced version of this graphic, please visit:

About Tuvatu / Lion One

Lion One is aggressively advancing its 100% owned Tuvatu Gold Project as a world class discovery and near-term production opportunity in the southwest Pacific Ring of Fire. Tuvatu is modelled for exploration after regional giants in the low sulphidation family of high grade epithermal gold deposits such as Porgera and Lihir in PNG, and Vatukoula in Fiji. These spectacular discoveries have produced over 35 million ounces of gold in similar alkaline volcanic settings. Tuvatu has been fully permitted by the Government of Fiji for operations start-up and has a dual-track strategy of production development and resource expansion inside its 385 hectare mining lease.

Tuvatu is located 17 km from the international airport in Nadi, on the west coast of Viti Levu in the Republic of Fiji. Lion One’s CEO Walter Berukoff is leading an experienced team of mine builders, and has owned or operated over 20 mines in 7 countries. As the founder and former CEO of Miramar Mines, Northern Orion, and La Mancha Resources, Walter is credited with building over $3 billion of value for shareholders. Tuvatu was advanced by previous owners through underground exploration and development from 1997 through to the completion of a feasibility study in 2000. Acquired by Lion One in 2011, the project has over 110,000 meters of drilling completed to date in addition to 1,430 meters of underground development. Tuvatu has gold resources of 1.1 Mt indicated grading 8.46 g/t for 299,500 oz. Au, and 1.5 Mt inferred grading 9.7 g/t for 468,000 oz. Au, at a 3 g/t Au cutoff grade.

Stephen Mann, Managing Director, member of The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, is the Qualified Person (“QP”) responsible for the Tuvatu Mine exploration and delineation programs. For more information on Lion One including technical reports please visit the Company’s website at or the SEDAR website at

On behalf of Lion One Metals Limited
“Walter H. Berukoff”
Chief Executive Officer

For further information please contact
Stephen Mann, Managing Director (Perth, Australia) Tel: 604-973-3007
Hamish Greig, Vice President (North Vancouver, BC) Tel: 604-973-3008
Joe Gray, Investor Relations (North Vancouver, BC) Tel: 604-973-3004
Toll Free IR Line (North America) Tel: 1-855-805-1250

Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Service Provider accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

This press release may contain “forward-looking information” within the meaning of applicable Canadian securities legislation. All statements, other than statements of historical fact, included herein are forward looking information. Generally, forward-looking information may be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology such as “plans”, “expects” or “does not expect”, “proposed”, “is expected”, “budget”, “scheduled”, “estimates”, “forecasts”, “intends”, “anticipates” or “does not anticipate”, or “believes”, or variations of such words and phrases, or by the use of words or phrases which state that certain actions, events or results may, could, would, or might occur or be achieved. This forward-looking information reflects Lion One Metals Limited’s current beliefs and is based on information currently available to Lion One Metals Limited and on assumptions Lion One Metals Limited believes are reasonable. These assumptions include, but are not limited to, the actual results of exploration projects being equivalent to or better than estimated results in technical reports, assessment reports, and other geological reports or prior exploration results. Forward-looking information is subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the actual results, level of activity, performance or achievements of Lion One Metals Limited or its subsidiaries to be materially different from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking information. Such risks and other factors may include, but are not limited to: the early stage development of Lion One Metals Limited, general business, economic, competitive, political and social uncertainties; the actual results of current research and development or operational activities; competition; uncertainty as to patent applications and intellectual property rights; product liability and lack of insurance; delay or failure to receive board or regulatory approvals; changes in legislation, including environmental legislation, affecting mining, timing and availability of external financing on acceptable terms; not realizing on the potential benefits of technology; conclusions of economic evaluations; and lack of qualified, skilled labor or loss of key individuals. Although Lion One Metals Limited has attempted to identify important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in forward-looking information, there may be other factors that cause results not to be as anticipated, estimated or intended. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking information. Lion One Metals Limited does not undertake to update any forward-looking information, except in accordance with applicable securities laws.

Jericho Oil to Present at the 10th Annual LD Micro Main Event

By Jericho Oil Corporation

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 21, 2017 / Jericho Oil Corporation (TSX-V: JCO; OTC PINK: JROOF), a growth-oriented oil and gas company focused in Oklahoma, announces that Brian Williamson, CEO, will be presenting at the 10th annual LD Micro Main Event on Wednesday, December 6 at 3:30 pm Pacific Time at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel in Los Angeles, CA.

Jericho Oil management will also be available for one-on-one meetings with investors throughout the conference and interested parties should contact LD Micro or

The LD Micro Main Event is the largest independent conference for small/micro-cap companies and will feature 250 names presenting to an audience of over 1,000 attendees. In addition, there will be a variety of speakers/panelists discussing topics of interest to investors and issuers, along with coordinate evening events.

View Jericho Oil Corporation’s profile here:

News Compliments of ACCESSWIRE.

About Jericho Oil Corporation

Jericho is a growth-oriented oil and gas company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development, and production of overlooked and undervalued oil properties in the Mid-Continent. For more information, please visit

About LD Micro

LD Micro was founded in 2006 with the sole purpose of being an independent resource in the microcap space. What started out as a newsletter highlighting unique companies has transformed into several influential conferences annually.

In 2015, LDM launched the first pure microcap index (the LDMi) to exclusively provide intraday information on the entire sector.

For those interested in attending, please contact David Scher at or visit for more information.


Adam Rabiner
Director, Corporate Communications
Jericho Oil Corporation

SOURCE: Jericho Oil Corporation

ReleaseID: 482463

IC Markets Extends Its Cryptocurrency Offering with 4 New Products

By International Capital Markets Pty. Ltd.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / November 21, 2017 / International Capital Markets Pty. Ltd. (“IC Markets“), the world’s largest True ECN foreign exchange provider, has introduced 4 new Cryptocurrencies to its market-leading forex offering. The new additions are in response to increased global demand for Cryptocurrencies and follow the successful release of Bitcoin (BTCUSD) to IC Markets clients in August this year.

The new Cryptocurrencies all have market capitalisations in excess of 1 Billion USD, are highly liquid and well supported across multiple exchanges. They include: Ethereum (ETHUSD), Bitcoin Cash (BCHUSD), Dash Coin (DSHUSD) and Lite Coin (LTCUSD). IC Markets tight exchange pricing and no commissions provide ideal conditions for traders looking to speculate on Cryptocurrencies. Additionally, the Cryptos are offered as CFDs, allowing traders to go long or short on margin.

IC Markets Director Angus Walker added, “As a speculative medium, there are few products in the world that can compare with Cryptos right now. Since our clients are active traders, we give them the products with the best opportunities to trade as well as the best trading conditions to fully exploit those opportunities. These additions highlight our commitment to provide our clients with opportunities relevant to the current financial landscape.”

More information on the IC Markets Bitcoin product is available from

Angus Walker, Director IC Markets

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