Investment Opportunities

Canada is a great place to invest, a G8 nation that welcomes foreign investment capital and puts it to good use with a highly industrialized work-force and rich land and enormous natural resources.

There are ways to make money in good investments, often times many top quality investments and deals are done privately and not necessarily through the the exchanges. stock markets or mutual funds. The Exempt Market Dealers in Canada also bring a lot of credible financial opportunities to the table that may go unnoticed by the general public and novice investor.

Wealthy individuals and affluent accredited investors, work with professionals and not just one but a group of financial professionals that specialize. Many different types of financial professionals can present certain types of investments they are licensed to represent and are often restricted to cross sell any and all products and services.

Always invest with advice - and today savvy investors expect faster communication, proper attention and better overall returns. A referral from an accountant or trusted friend or family member can go a long way. The Internet is another new and important way to do research to find quality investments and advisors.

MONEY.CA is all about personal finance and products and services that make, save or preserve capital for the common person. We are also connected with any and all natural providers, dealers and distributors of financial products. MONEY promotes all financial products and services with great care, tests, reviews and may recommend some products and services but does not endorse or guarantee and reminds your to speak to your trusted advisor.

Canadian Finance an online resource centre for advisors and products an important destination place along with Canadian Capital an integral online investment marketplace that lines up services and creates an incubator for start up companies and already existing businesses that warrant funding and promise great returns with smart exit strategies.

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