Hyundai Canada: Competing with MONEY incentives.

Depending on the vehicle, Hyundai’s Clean Air Commitment offers
between $500 to $1,000 of additional savings to top up the incentives
available through the federal government’s Retire Your Ride program,
which offers $300 for qualifying vehicles as well as other incentives
towards sustainable transportation.  This “Clean Air Cash” is
applied to the purchase of a new, more fuel-efficient Hyundai, and is in
addition to the company’s current incentive programs.

As part of its environmental goal  to help clean the air we breathe today and into the future, Hyundai Auto
Canada Corp. today announced the Clean Air Commitment – a financial
top-up of up to $1,000 on the federal government’s scrappage program
whose aim is to get the oldest, worst-polluting vehicles off the road
and encourage Canadians to select more sustainable transportation
alternatives.  While programs such as this are gaining prominence for
their effectiveness worldwide, Hyundai is the first auto manufacturer in
Canada to launch such a top-up program.

“Hyundai is committed to clean air in Canada,” said Steve Kelleher,
president and CEO, Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. “Our Clean Air Commitment
is about our responsibility to deliver a harmonious balance between
vehicles and the environment; it’s about clean air now and for the
future.  Reducing vehicle emissions has a direct impact on the air we
breathe, so helping to remove older, more-polluting vehicles from the
road just makes sense.  It’s something we can do today to immediately
impact our environment.  We think that’s pretty smart.”

James Dean

James Dean - President ~ Money Canada Limited (MONEY.CA)