Canadians – Financial Literacy = Poverty Sucks

Financial Literacy

The new effective campaign name for Financial Literacy is here. “POVERTY SUCKS”

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MONEY news, information and education: how it should be. In the fight against poverty MONEY will make in roads, maps and highways to children, students, the investing public and new Canadian immigrants to forward the saving, making and preserving money philosophies toward wealth and riches. The new campaign has to be strong a meaningful and get the attention of those target markets that definitely overspend and have unreliable savings or ability to control spending.  It is often said the youth don’t know anything about money and with clear and conscious study it is a fact children, students and youth in Canada know nothing or very little about the value of it, how to make it and how to keep it. The new campaign has to be in your face to even try to get the attention it truly deserves. It has to be made sexy at least in terms of re-action that may lead to action.

MONEY will try to attract and retain the attention of an unwanting youth or an un-interested adult.  Above and beyond what we do with MONEY.CA and MONEY Magazine, newsletter and blog we have created online tools and interactive technology to engage the target market and future particapants of Canada’s capital markets and consumers of financial services.  There really is no better reward than money, no rewards or point system can be better than getting a deep discount, money off or money refunded or rebated to you. Its the start of some idea and concept of incentive that keep them interested and coming back for more.

A mutual fund contest is just one of those things that could teach, interact and benefit an individual or a contestant.  Regardless if you are a new immigrant, youth, handy investor or professional advisor we can all learn a lot and teach a lot with a fair competition that challenges everyone individual to interact to learn more and acheive more.  The knowledge and information base alone are well worth it, the money up for grabs by individual catergory sums it up by saying up t0 $10,000.00 up for grabs…You Can Win!

Imagine that a simple mutual fund contest online could calm the nerves of a society that is quite concerned almost alarmed at the level of financial knowledge Canadians have on average; pretty low!. Lets take what weve got and turn it into something great.  The Mutual Fund Contest with real money for reward, patience intellegence and careful portfolio planning to make as much money as you can over the contest to call yourself a winner in one of 4 categories.  Get them where they live and that is online and on there wireless device, yes a mutual fund contest available as an app – wow a downloadable Mutual Fund Contest why not after MONEY has just finished creating the first Top 10 Mutual Funds List. Top 10 mutual funds in 53 Mutual Fund Categories and the 10 Major Asset Classes and finally the Top 10 Mutual Fund List overall.

We can do it! ok who’s with us; or are we all by ourselves. Advertise, prompt and promote education, a competition and challenge that anyone can join in and particpate.  What can you do beside joining can you get others interested, individuals groups, classrooms; tell the world! Ok Canadians only.

James Dean

James Dean - President ~ Money Canada Limited (MONEY.CA)