ca money

CA money mostly known as Canadian Money – meaning MONEY in Canada. others may think the meaning is for California Money. Just the same it is North America and the dollars although diminished in purchasing power still has significant meaning to those who hold it and to those who want it.

With companies and counties and coutries going bankrupt there is room for an honest online blog that looks at money by itself, in a different province, state or country today the idea of money is more meaningful now than ever before.  It doesn’t matter if you are from California or Canada – lets start with microeconomics and then move on to macroecomomics and include the rest of the world on how to change the economy, invest in the future and generate a higher standard of living for more people and improve the lives of the less fortunate where and when we can.

CA money lets talk about the local economy the news changes and innovations that help people learn and grow as a responsible citenzenry we can pay back with the social currency. Give what you can with what you have: money, information, time, talent or anything you or your company have to be part of the Social Media. is exactly that at a time where everyone is talking about social media we have figured out what it means and how to get paid for it whilst exchanging and challenging the status quo with there time and money the public is much better served.


James Dean

James Dean - President ~ Money Canada Limited (MONEY.CA)