Me and My Money
Me and My Money

Me and My Money® the newest super blog communication tool by MONEY.CA that completes the 3 layers of financial content needed to be inclusive to truly be an online investment market and social media platform. Me and My Money is an editors personal perspective on personal finance and the local economy full of value that makes, saves and preserves more money.

MONEY.CA/MONEY represents all the news, information and latest North American data with comprehensive connection to and with top world-class media organizations like and MONEY Media enjoys the exclusive use of press and media access from top media agencies to promote MONEY: personal finance and financial literacy in Canada.

You and Your Money® – MONEY.CA the online Investment Marketplace is proud to bring everyone together by way of  “money” the original social media and the social currency we all have in common. You and Your Money is not just a saying or motto it is a blog, but not just any blog it is the third important of financial content and perspective that is required when reporting the straight goods on personal finance. the Top Canadian Financial Writers, Authors and Bloggers have joined forces to tell more Canadians important information about wealth and financial literacy.  You and Your Money is not asking what investors have done with their money but rather the perspective of financial professionals and advisors suggesting what investors ought to do with their money.

James Dean

James Dean - President ~ Money Canada Limited (MONEY.CA)