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Canadian Finance and CANADIANFINANCE.COM one and the same in meaning, understanding and spirit.  Canadians have their own identity, their own country and their own finance issues and problems.  Savvy Canadians investors want more, expect more and warrant more attention, interest and better returns overall from both their investments and their advisors. Canadians are and should be concerned about their own personal finance and wealth and at the same time should understand the markets and world economies and other considerations when investing in general and when investment money in diverse regions, countries and sectors.  MONEY.CA creates the online investment marketplace that includes investors, advisors and financial product manufacturers.  MONEY focuses on personal finance and personal finance investment products and services.

CANADIANFIANCE.COM is the international online presence for Canadian Finance in Canada for Canadians and for foreign investors and parties interested in learning more. The Canadian Financial Network seeks to connect these important parties to news, information, opportunities and advice on investing in Canada and in Canada’s capital or business markets.  CFN proudly gathers the news, information, statistics on the local economies along with the greater scope of Canadian economics.

James Dean

James Dean - President ~ Money Canada Limited (MONEY.CA)