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MONEY.CA the site that best does what everyone else talks about; when it comes to online “Financial Literacy” for Canadians we share the wealth and wisdom online and in print, bringing a little bling and a lot of the real thing to all the right target markets for all the right reasons. New site:

Money Canada Limited all about Canadian money, money news and information by way of MONEY Magazine full 4 color process quarterly also known as Canadian Money Magazine and Money Magazine Canada online wows its growing number of subscribers with top quality written news, articles, editorials and video reporting.  Money Newsletter is a monthly email newsletter complete with current news and affairs that relate to personal finance and the local economy. MONEY Ezine is Money Magazine online and a digital version of the complete MONEY print version. MONEY Membership is exclusive and not cheap at $29.99 per annum but it is for those who want, savings, preservation and moneymaking information and ideas that are realistic and achievable. Access to the make money online website is included for MONEY Members along with many other benefits.

Money Video also known as Market Update Video brings the most trusted name in online news to Canadians 4 times a day 5 days a week giving you in depth business and finance news as it happens receiving updates direct to your desktop or phone.

MONEY has a great vertical potential because it is a keyword and one of the most important as it affects all people and it affects them all in different ways. Even if you are not a Canadian capitalist you just have to understand something about it and how it works if you have it or not most will reluctantly abide by its principles in order to survive.

MONEY has many definitions and expressions to numerous to count, some of the most important things according to Canadians and their money will be a primary focus for MONEY to continually research, study and report all that is money and all that is worth knowing and sharing when it comes to personal finance and the local Canadian economy.

MONEY.CA with all it’s resources will help investors, students, youth and new comers to Canada all the important news, information and insight they need to know to hold up a world class economy that starts with more children having enough to eat and access to education, books and computers.

Between investors and financial companies there exists a social media platform ready for the best and most healthy exchange of information and ideas to create the next well-informed group of Canadians that will have fostered a more even playing field while creating more efficient markets and market partners. Mass collaboration changes everything along with several important government and financial businesses have partnered to continually bring real and realistic products and services to encourage change in under-served communities and forgotten Canadian children that are our better future once lead wisely.

Best Rate Around and Investment Marketplace are just 2 of the primary lineup of landing pages that attract and retain the attention of the Canadian consumer online. Canadian Financial Traffic sites that help develop traction and get more Canadians to destination sites that gives them good, accurate and helpful answers to the most common questions always with the ability to learn more about you and your money from me and my money.

James Dean

James Dean - President ~ Money Canada Limited (MONEY.CA)