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Me and My Money
Me and My Money

Money its a big subject and it means a lot of different things to a lot of different types of people. Much has been said about money and most from those who have the least of it. MONEY is a currency a way to exchange goods and services; like it or not you have to deal with it.  There are hundreds and maybe thousands of money and personal finance topics and categories one could think of but the most important ones have been consolidated into the online money library a place where the most important local, national and international business news and information is aggregated, classified and disseminated. MONEY has a long and rich history but a short memory for those who are not in control of their finances. MONEY helps to create an interesting online environment that encourages inter-action with the general public, consumers and business.  After all it’s all about money and everything related to it. and Me and My Money save, make and preserve more of your money.

Me and My Money: it is not the first section of a newspaper, it is not the first blog of its kind, it is not the first personal finance newsletter; it is only the best web-enabled, video capable and mobile access to select news and information that is brought to you by the most trusted Canadian money news and infomation source in Canada. Me and My Money is an investment club, a public information share and the social media tool for investors. If you know a little or know a lot you can grow and share your interest as an investor or individual you can learn more to earn more. The Toronto Star has rich topical information on “Me and My Money” because it is an important term and refer to it along with Torontonian’s as a great read. The Globe and Mail Canada’s national newspaper and online leader also has an unregistered but important finance section called “Me and My Money” MONEY “You and Your Money” are registered trademarks of Money Canada Limited. And in the name of “Financial Literacy” take charge of the idea, concept and meaning of a publication, newsletter, blog, called “Me and My Money” and are prepared to share, collaborate and promote issues of Canadian Literacy by way of contribution, volunteer or donation or exchange of services. MONEY.CA online and MONEY Magazine publication in tandem are leading the way for children, student and new immigrant financial education the tools, technology, books and guides. Learn More…

James Dean

James Dean - President ~ Money Canada Limited (MONEY.CA)